A view of Black Nylons 1

A dream of a UK secretary, that has become a sex highlight for this oversexed Scorpio. Ive spent so much time iin her videos, black nylons, perfectly shaped calves, a ass so mouthwatering that I could french kiss her asshole ass day, but, I stray from my story,
A voyeur true, a dream of Shirl, pretend, but so hot.With her permission ( begged from her :)), as the sun sets , I approach her window, her curtains, prearranged, open wide. I await, patiently, my nylon queens entrance. Darkened room, but soon, lights come on, and enters, a nylon goddess, sweet, sweet Shirl. wearing a long bathrobe. She moves towards the window, seeing me awaiting her presence. Seeing me, visibly seeing her breath quicken, her chest rising and falling, as she, teasingly, rubs her hands over her body. My pulse races, as I see the outline of her nipples hardening under her robe, knowing, treasures of treasures, she is nude, or nearly, underneath. She licks her lips, nodding slightly, her sign for pleasure. I unzip my jeans, pulling my rock hard cock out of my pants, seeing her eyes locked on my thick cock. Undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my jeans, so she can see my whole cock, I curl my fingers around my thick cock, slowly stroking it, looking at the outline of her sensuous nipples.
Ive awoke the queen, as she slowly pulls the cord holding her robe closed. I feel a gasp come from me, as her robe opens. Near heart attack level, my heart, as I see her topless, those nipples so wanted by my mouth and tongue, her black thong barely covering her pussy. But the breath taker, my heart races, shes worn for me, a black garter belt, ached to smoke colored nylons. Moving closer to the window, the better to watch me play with myself, She raise one of her perfect legs to the window, placing her bare foot on the windowsill. Her calves driving me so fucking crazy, so soft looking encased in nylon, I near the window, wanting so to be near my nylon queen.And, a warm surprise awaits this horny Scorpio. As I stand near the window, with a sly smile, she reaches down, lifting a corner of the screen. The sweet princess has cut athe lower part of the screen. Her breathing matching my own, she slips her fingers inside her thong, massaging her moist clit, safe sex with her Scorpio voyeur.
And a further erotic suprise for her needing lover. She presses her foot against the screen,allowing her leg to come out of the screen,a treat for her devoted voyeur. She leans against the window, allowing her leg, all the way to her thigh, to dangle outside the screen. My vision blacking out, so damn hot am I, as I wrap my arms around her leg, so damn nylon soft. I become so lost, licking and kissing, massaging and sucking on her nylon covered calf. I truly know what haevens gates must be like, teh sweet smell of nylon on her calf driving me so fucking crazy. Soft moans coming from [image][image][image][image][/image][/image][/image][/image]Shirl, as she furiously masterbates, rubbing her soft calf against my hungry mouth.I allow my hand to roaup her perfect leg, the texture of nylon against her upper leg driving me crazyHermaons quicken, feeling my oversexed need for her, my nylon fox. I feel the sperm building in my cock. I desperately beg, in my mind, not to come yet, the pleasure should last forever. Her deep husky moans show her closeness to orgasm, knowing im going crazy with nylon need for her. I passionately suck on teh calf of her leg, as, incredable, a massive orgasm build, likened to none Ive ever experienced before. Stars dance in front of my eyes, near to blackout proportions, a wave after wave of heaven passes through me, hearing Shirls moans building to a peak. Feeling the shivers passing through her body, as she climbs orgasm heaven. Can almost taste her cum through her delicious calf. The plaesuer last so long, but alas, not as long as I wish, forever would be my need. A feeling of relaxed , sated happiness passes through me. She allows me a bit longer, to savor the tastes of her calf, not wanting her to take the sensious taste away. After a time, she pulls her sweet leg back into the window, her pupils dialated with her satisfied after orgasm smile. She lingers a minute longer, seeing my hand still around my cock, sperm trickling down my shaft, sperm dedicated to Shirl.With a last lingering, sensious smile to her voyeur, as she slowly closes the window, one soft sentence from her delicious mouth, a promise from heaven " Looking forward to your return tomorrow night", with a wink, she turns, that ass a view of heavens promise of anal heaven, she turns at the doorway, one more smile, and she turn off the light, leaving the room.
Ive found nylon heaven )0(

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Lovely story!
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