Derek and Megan(FICTION!!!)

IT ALL STARTED ON ONE RAINY MONDAY MORNING. Megan woke up, and made sure she was wearing nothing underneath her ultra mega short nightgown. She went down stairs, and saw her step dad, Derek.

DEREK WAS DRINKING COFFEE. Derek's 9'' cock always goes hard every time he sees his step daughter Megan in her ultra mega short nightgown. Derek is 10 years older than Megan. She's 18, he's 28, her mom is 48.

MEGAN HAS A GREAT BODY. 37 D cup sized tits, a slim body, a virgin pussy and a great round ass. Ever since her mom married Derek, she's been wanting to fuck him. Well, let's just say her wish was about to come true.

MEGAN MADE A PLAN ON HOW SHE CAN FUCK HER STEP DAD. First, she has to pretend she's sick. So, she went down stairs and saw her step dad drinking coffee. 'Hey Derek,' she said. 'Yes Megan?' he asked. 'I don't feel so good today. Can I stay home?' she asked. 'Sure,' Derek replied. She went back upstairs and changed into a black lacey thong and a black mini nightgown. She went to her bed, and called Derek through her phone. 'Hello, Derek?' she asked. 'Yes Megan?' he asked. 'Can you bring me some soup in my room?' she asked. 'Sure. I'll be right there after a few minutes.' Megan pulled her thong down and started rubbing her pussy.Derek came upstairs to her room, and saw her pussy. His cock immediately went hard. She saw him looking and pulled her nightgown over her head. 'I've been wanting to fuck you since you moved in to this house,' Megan said. 'Now FUCK ME!!!' Derek immediately went in, and she pulled off his shirt and pants and started to give him a really good blow job. He started sucking her tits after wards. After, he made her lie down and started to put his cock between her tits. After a couple of minutes, he puts his cock in her virgin pussy, and started going fast. 'OOH YES. OH YES. FUCK ME AHHH!!!!' Megan screamed. She moaned, and finally her cherry popped. She was no longer a virgin. She went down and started sucking Derek's cock. 'YA, OOH SHIT YES, KEEP ON SUCKING IT LIKE YOU'RE NEVER GONNA SUCK IT EVER AGAIN!!' He then started fucking her asshole,after a few minutes he pulls his cock out then he puts his cock back in her pussy, he could feel the cum coming out.... IT CAME OUT. A HUGE LOAD IN HER PUSSY. 'Thanks Derek,you made me feel all better,' she said, and shoved her tongue down his throat.

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3 years ago
oh man i wish i saw all that
3 years ago
damn, that's pretty hot!!!
3 years ago
uhmmm...good story but wayyyyyy to short..