This is a true story, nothing added in and nothing left out.

I arrived in the Philippines for the first time in March to see my Internet Girlfriend who's a lot younger than myself but who just seems to feel that I am the best thing since sliced bread !!! go work that one out.

The weather was humid as it always is in Cebue and I was met at the Airport feeling very worn out from the long trip over from the States by Mylie along with her verey sexy looking cousin Indie, now being greeted after such a long 28 hour flight over to Asia with two stop overs by these two young women more than made up for the way that was I feeling and for all the long hours sitting on a plane to get there.

Mylie was dressed in a short mini skirt with a small thin blouse on that seemed to cover just about her small lovely looking hard little breast's and very still nipples pushing right through the material of it, others close by to us were also looking as they left the Airport walking past us and I was in seventh heaven at being with two sexy women at my old age right then and there that late night in Cebue.

Indie the cousin was wearing a pair of cut off jeans that hid nothing of her sexy small rounded little butt cheeks and a t-top with NO bra on under it because her nipples were pointing right through the thin top of it and from what t I could see as I stood beside her on the termainal exit ramp her tits were slighty bigger than Mylie's were.... now my cock was REALLY starting to get hard and I needed to get both these sexy young ladies into the hotel room that Mylie had already booked for us across the road at the 5 star hotel suite.

We walked along with me running each hand up and down each of their backs as they in turn pulled my luggage along which they insisted that they do for me.
Asian women really look after their men folk trust me on that OK.

Once in the room I said that I needed to change out of my clothes which I know must have had an odor on them by now and take a nice long shower, this was met with lots of yes lets do that Ok lets ALL get in and wash either that point I am thinking does Mylie know that I am going to end up doing my best to fuck BOTH of them tonight ?? because upand until now it's just been her and myslef on the Internet these past few long Months or so !!!!

Anyway I go into the CR (Rest Room) and strip off and get into the speprate class walled shower and stand under the lovely warm running water when all of a sudden in they both walk too wearing nothing between them but a pair of very thin nylon panties each that shows their lovely full bushes, and what with their long black hair and sexy cute little Asian smiles I am about to CUM right then and their.

They get in with me and the soft soap is now being rubbed all over me and I in turn soap each of them up too making sure to run my hands down into each of their litle soaked panties as I do so and I do so love wet nylon under my hands as its so sexy to feel I think.
Their firm small tits are so lovely not too big of course but they both have such huge hard nipples on them and I suck each in turn as my hands run over everything that I can reach while doing what I can to make their nipples even harder.

All of a sudden Milie says "God I need to fuck it" and is now holding onto my stiff 8" of thick horny cock while at the same time Indie is putting her tongue inot my mouth and rubbing her tits against my chest, this is just heaven on earth to me and I pull away slightly from the kiss just long enough to tell Milie to turn around spend your legs then and lean forward, she does so in seconds and I aim my cock knob straight at her waiting love hole.... it touches here and she then pushed backwards trying to get it into herself, I am of course doing the same thing too by holding onto her waist and pulling her backwards to wards me, the compined affect works and in my hard cock sldes all the way into her but "O God" she's soooooo tight and the feeling is intense and wonderful, the other cousin in the meantime is stroking my shaft as it goes in and out of Milie's tight hairy pussy and I have my fingers also going in and out of her tight little cunt all at that same time too.

I am not going to last long and say I am going to shoot baby do you want me to stay in you or withdraw ? as I am not wearing anything and I know that your not on the pill are you ? she just moans out loud and say's "just do it" "do it" I need to feel you cumming in me I pump some few more strokes and then explode deep inside her lovely little tight asian pussy which is gripping me as tight as it could ever do right then and there, the effects are just about mind blowing as I am being stroked by one sexy horny little Asian while standing under the shower and at the same time fucking another extreamly horny young asian all at the same time.

After I have drained my balls in Milie I simply let my still hard cock stay deep within her, this is a new thing for me because I normally go limp after sex ? as most guys do so ? why the change I ask myself ? anyway I manage to pull out of her after we get out of the shower and dry off with both ladies drying me first of course thenn all of us go lay on the king sized bed

Both cousins are now stroking me and my cock is still as hard as ever and even now its starting to hurt me a little bit and I wonder why ? because this is all so new to me, their panties have now been long removed back in the shower and so Milie sits up from sucking on my cock along with Indie who's doing her best to lick me to a climax too and says "want me to face fuck you darling "? then just moves over and sit right onto my open mouth allowing for me to lick her pussy and butt hole in turn.... Indie then straddles my hard cock and I hear her say can I fuck him ? and without waiting for an answer she slides her tight hairy little hot wet cunt slowly down my hard feels so good to be fucked by two horny little asians so bent on making me feel good and them also into the entire bargain too

Milie lifts off of me and say's "soon baby your cocks going where your tongue is now poking me", of course I am now rimming her and the thought of doing that and Indie too is now plunging up and down yelling out all sorts of dirty rude words as she does so and I know that I am going to shoot another hot load of sperm into her tight little love box too, all of a sudden I feel Indie's pussy walls contract and I know that she's reaching her big climax.... I also feel Milie pressing down harder now onto my face and lips with her soaked flooded pussy and so we all reach our own climax point's just at the very same time.

I am shooting right offf into an unprotected tight hot wet hairy little cunt for the second time in the night and neither of them even cares that they could be getting pregnant from it all !!!!! we lay back on the bed trying to recover and I am now just about done in what with the flight the time changes and the lovely sex with two beautiful 30 something's cute asian women.

Milie say's "O God I have just cum again and it's lovely", I say whnt to rest now darling and then we can start again later on OK? both of them are now still gently stroking me all over and also kissing each other now too....wwwwaaaaa this is such a turn on to watch two horny little Asians kissing like that mouth wide open and doing their best to suck each others teeth right out...

My cock is now also once again starting to grown hard once more "Good lord I say out loud is this heaven or what?" they both look down at me and say we will kill you with lots of sex baby over the next two weeks......!

I will addd more later in the next story of what these two did to me and I also to them back in return.....

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10 months ago
Hot horny pinays - fuckin awesome - now I am hard as all fuck
3 years ago
lots of sex and both of them getting pregnant would be nice :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
Great story man,,don't bie from all this,,we need. More info and some pics would be nice..thanks