My Cum and Pain Loving Slut's Story

This is a story written by my slave for me. I thought I should share it with everyone.

I want you to tie my wrists to the bed. leaving my ankles untied so you can move them easily to where you want them. putting my pussy juice soaked panties into my mouth with duct tape over my mouth as well. having you walk up to me and put your hand firmly on my neck and give me a kiss on my forehead. you strip down and pull your belt off your pants and tell me to spread my legs as far as i can, i do as you tell me to, and you lightly start whipping my inner thighs and pussy, then across my stomach and whip each breast. then you sit next to me and start pulling my nipples and twisting them and biting them hard enough i think you might break skin. then you start biting my neck really hard leaving deep teeth indents. you take your cock and start smacking my clit with the head of it. you tell me to hook my feet onto the headboard, and i do as im told, you play with my ass cheeks for a minute, whipping them, spanking them, grabbing them, leaving bright red marks and welts. then you ram your cock all the way into my ass in one shove, with no lube, my muffled screams make you laugh and fuck my tight, dry ass, harder. once a tear or two from the insane pain run down my face you abruptly pull out and ram into my sopping wet pussy. you call me your dirty little pain and cum loving slut. and telling me i should have asked permission to be that wet. you slap my tits hard leaving huge red hand prints on them. you pull out of my pussy and start sucking my juices up. then you rip the duct tape off my mouth and rip my thong out of my mouth, and start making out with me, once you were satisfied, you lean back and ask me how my slutty pussy tastes, i mumble good, and you slap my tits saying no it tastes amazing. you push my legs really far up again and push my panties into my pussy getting them soaking wet again and you put them back into my mouth without the duct tape. you fuck my tight wet pussy some more until your about to cum, then you rip my panties out of my mouth and you grab a fistful of my hair and put your other hand tightly around my neck while i suck deeply on your cock, milking out all your cum, swallowing every drop. then you place your balls into my mouth and i suck them until you were satisfied. you untie my hands and lay with me, i fall asl**p in your arms nearly immediately.

I hope you enjoyed this. I loved it so much that next time I saw her we performed the whole thing ;)
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4 years ago
very good give us her description