Getting off at work, part 4

David pulled his fingers out of Rachel's pussy and greedily licked them. "Oh, baby, you taste so good, I could eat you for days." Rachel, still breathing hard with her eyes closed, smiled. "There's more where that came from," she said and pushed his head down between her legs. He lapped at her pussy lips with a soft, wide tongue at first, making sure to lick up all her juices, then stiffened his tongue and drove it into her. Rachel began writhing on the couch, moaning and thrusting her hips into David's face, trying to give him better access, get his tongue in deeper. "oh, your tongue is sooooo goooood," she breathed and grabbed his hand and brought it up to her ample breast, where he pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
"I want your cock, David," Rachel moaned, but David wasn't finished tonguing her, so he swung her legs up on the couch and straddled her head so she could do whatever she wanted with his cock while he continued to suck her clit. Rachel looked up at his throbbing cock, a glistening pearl of fluid leaking out of the tip. She groaned and reached up to lick it off, then ran her tongue around the head, down the shaft to his balls. She took one in her mouth at a time, sucking gently, getting them good and wet, and then wrapped her arms around his body, grabbed his ass and began to take his cock into her mouth, slowly, sucking the precum out and getting him slick with her spit. She felt him moan against her pussy lips, which sent a shiver through her body and she pressed herself into his mouth. She moaned around his cock which was as deep into her mouth and down her throat as it could possibly go. Her fingers curled around his ass to his puckered hole and she dragged a finger through her spit around his cock and brought it up to his asshole, slowly sinking her finger in.
David was sucking on her lips one at a time, then reaching with his tongue to flick her clit. He could see her cum leaking out of her and down between her cheeks. He put one finger in her pussy and then slid it between her ass cheeks to massage her asshole. Rachel started bucking under him so he knew she was close to cumming again, which only made him suck her clit harder and sink his finger deeper into her puckered hole. David could feel Rachel sucking harder on his throbbing cock and she began to cum, rocking her hips up to meet his tongue, then back to move his finger in her ass. She released his cock from her mouth to let out a guttural cry of ecstasy and switched to stroking him with her hand while David made her orgasm go on and on. David's cock was leaking more precum and Rachel knew he was about to cum, which only made her pump her hand harder. With a grunt, David buried his face in her cunt and came all over Rachel's face, her tongue lapping off what she could on his cock.
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1 year ago
Loving your Writing
1 year ago
so horny and this
1 year ago
Hey!!! Who gave this a thumbs down?? Someone who doesn't want a finger in their ass, I guess.... #haters
1 year ago
I love that you love them, baby xxxxx
1 year ago
love the stories :)