Horny Bitch cont......

My hand thrust the rabbit in hard,my body arching, receiving its full 10inch length,my pussy was full of juices held inside by the rabbits thickness, I could feel my pussy lips swell with each hard thrust, holding it in as the ears knocked rapidly against my hard clit.
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" moans of pleasure escaping my lips, but I was so fucking horny tonight I needed more,I foraged for my other vib, soft, long and scarlett, I took out the rabbit, twisting onto my side, my arse widened in anticipation, moving the dildo against my hole I pressed it a little hard, feeling the resistence as it stretched to accept.
"ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" it hurt a little, the first few cms being the hardest to take but I need it tonight.I began to move it in and out thoses few painful cms lubricating my hole with every teasing thrust till, it passed the barrier and sliped in, inch by inch, deeper and deeper to fill my arse.
"muhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" loved my arse stretched and filled, I turned it on and it vibrated like a small earthquake, tingling my anal tube.
Lying back I took pleasure in that moment but I need more, I lifted my rabbit, widening my bent legs I sliped it in my pussy all the way up, filling my pussy, turning the controls to speed, it exploded into action.
I was filled with my favourite toys, both vibrating,neither matching the other but sending delicious ripples through my body.
Buzz, buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz, buzz, buzz, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, my nipples hardening, they were like little knobs, I licked my fingers, circling the rosy peaks, I knew what they needed, they need the touch of little teeth, biting into them, the pain and pleasure of clamps and I had just the thing,my lover had bought me the chained nipple clamps the last time we were together.............tbc
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4 years ago
Ha, bits of SM coming up for cumming! ;)
4 years ago
Nice waiting for p3 lol
4 years ago
lovit ^^
4 years ago
to short