Marital Affair (Part 5)

Oblivious to our surroundings, I unzipped your jeans, slipping your swollen cock out,holding it in my hand, feeling the heat as I began to move my fingers up and down the swollen shaft, god how I had forgotten how good he felt.
Our kisses became more passionate, our tounges fighting, hot ,wet and slippery.
"oh baby" he moaned as I shifted my position in the car and bent down to take his cock slowly into my mouth.
His fingers squeezed my nipple as I began to suck a little faster, my mouth a little tighter, using my tounge to caress his shaft as I moved up and down, up and down, up and down.
"Muhmmmmmmmmmmm, oh baby , yessssssss, muhmmmmmmmmmmm"
his other hand slipped down beneath my knickers, sliding between my arse cheeks, finding my hole, with one finger he stroked, it responded opening and closing to his touch, then he began to push it in, ohhhhh it felt so good as he slipped it in deep, my mouth sucking and releasing his cock, matching my stroke with his.
My fingers cupped his balls as I began to roll them between my fingers, I continued to suck and release him, the tounge dipping in and out of his slit, tasting the pre-cum rising.
" Need to fuck you baby, need to fuck your pussy now" he moaned as I gave his balls a final squeeze.
I became aware as I raised my head of a figure standing near the car, their back turned,
"Theres a man near the car" I said as I shifted, turning to face the rear window, other people were walking by oblivious to us.
"Dont worry, get on baby,I need your pussy over my cock"...............tbc
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4 years ago
London Lioness has a talent for cliffhangers ;)
4 years ago
what!! get on withit could have writen all as one blog! stop playing between pages lol
4 years ago
Very hot!! Can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
very good but very short the whole series could be posted as one story