Marrital Affair (Part 4)

" I need to fuck you baby, we have to meet, I need to fuck you so much, I want to make you cum over and over again, i want to slam my cock up your pussy, in your arse, take you doggy style, filling you with my love juice" you wanted me as much as i wanted you.
" I am working lates all this week, I havent got a day off till next friday,I can meet you somewhere afterwork, somewhere, anywhere, i need to see you to Honey"
We arranged to meet, in a large service area, somewhere to park our cars,have something to eat, talk, I didnt plan to let you touch me, not in view of people, families milling around.
I dressed with you in mind, I half-cup bra holding my breasts up, a low cut top, exposing my huge breasts to your gaze, I drove there after work, it was still light, I parked up and waited to watch your car turn into the carpark.
I was already wet when you pulled in, the thought of seeing you had made me so hot and wet ,I could feel the juices gathering between my lips, you stopped you car along side mine, pulled down your window, smiled and I knew I could never let you go again.
" Get in Babe" you called over.
I slipped into his front car seat, we looked at each other.
"Kiss me then" I told him, we leant together and out lips touched, slowly at first, then more urgently, my tounge probbed his mouth, in wet and deep as it met his.
My fingers slipped between his thighs, I could feel his cock hard under his jeans.
"Muhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" he moaned as I began to stroke up and down its length feeling it swell beneath my touch.
His fingers slippeddown beneath my bra and you grasped my hardened nipple, I felt my pussy twitch with every tweek, pull and caress.
We were oblvious to our surroundings........................tbc
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4 years ago
nice but you could have put all of it together
4 years ago
let me work your pussy and make you cum before our dinner