Married Affair (Part3)

But here we were again, talking on the phone, expressing our love for each other, how we had both made mistakes, remembering how we had been fantastic sexually together.
"I've got to fuck you babe, I need to stick this swollen cock inside your wet pussy, I need to cum inside you, over your tits and over your pussy lips" you were horny, I could imagine you sitting in that hotel room, tugging on your cock as we began to talk dirty.
"Send me a picture of you cuming, I want to see you cum for me" I told him, I knew he always carried 2 phones and within seconds, the picture arrived, I could see his cum exploding from the tip of his cock, I was so hot now, playing with my wet pussy, rubbing my clit, sending my fingers in and out of my love tunnel, the fingers slippery, covered in creamy juice.
" cum for me baby, let me hear you cum for me"
I reached for my vibrator, slipping it in deep, turning it on and I began to fuck my pussy, moving it in and out, imaginging it was his cock filling me.
"oh baby yes, imagine its my cocking fucking your sweet pussy"
Faster and faster, I began to slam the vibrator in and out of my very wet pussy, the slopping noises as my juices grew and grew, covering the vib, the rabbit ears buzzing against my clit with every thrust.
"muhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yesssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss" I began to cum, with every withdrawel, my love juices squirted out, so hot between my thighs, pouring down between my arse cheeks.
" yesssssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I cried as I came over and over again, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss"
"oh baby, yessssssssssssss" you called as you came again. tbc
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4 years ago
Sounds like the Lioness is still very much in love with Him, and either she got him back ... or at least she grabbed him in her fantasies ;)
4 years ago
4 years ago
and then I licked and kissed your pussy licking up all of your love juices till you came again in my mouth