Married Affair(Part 2)

" yes I remember,you stood above me, your cock hard in my mouth, I licked it, sucked on it, you got harder and harder and then asked me "where do you want it babe?" I took you from my mouth, it was hard yet the skin was like wet silk, the knob red and swollen.
"Over my tits"
"Oh baby, yes let me cover your tits with my love juice"
I pushed my top down, exposing my tits, I released them from my bra, holding each on in my hands, lifting them, finger and thumb pulling on my erect nipples.
" yesssssssssss, come over my tits" and you began to move your fingers faster and faster over your cock, I could see it getting harder, you began to gasp and then the hot spunk hit my breasts, squirt after squirt hitting my huge tits, I moaned, you coming over my tits always made me wet but it had been so long since we had done this that I came, I could feel my juices wet between my legs wetting my knickers, my clit had twitched and I had cum, without even being touched, you always had that affect on me.
"oh my god babe, I'm shaking, my legs have gone weak, oh babe your fantastic" you looked down on me, caressing my hair as I took your cock back into my mouth, sucking every last drop from your still swollen manhood.
"I have to go" you said and I knew we should not have done what we had done, both being in a relationship, me due to get married and him with a girlfriend and new baby. I let you go, loving you still but thinking you were happy with her, letting you think I was going to be married because I loved my boyfriend, but knowing you were the only man I had ever loved and would love forever, thought i was doing the right thing.............tbc
89% (7/1)
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4 years ago
very nice & sweet
4 years ago
would love to lick my cum off your tits and then work my way down to your wet pussy