Married Affair (Part 1)

He texted me, as he usually did now and again, "how are you babe", with those simple words he had done it again. I was married, had been for nearly 6 years but when my ex-boyfriend text it brought back all my old feelings.
"All fine Honey" and then he told me.
"It's over, she's pissed me off for the last time, the bitch"
Thats what I have waited years to hear, the love of my life has finally finished it with his girlfriend. He phoned, "Hello baby....", we talked, yes it was over, he had made the biggest mistake of his life letting me go, oh god, how I wanted him, loved him still, I had thought I was happy with my husband until a few months earlier when I had discovered he was signed into several dating sites, wanting to meet women to fuck in the area, how could he do that to me, I was always an eager and experienced lover, who gave him all the sex he wanted or so I thought.
" I love you, I should never have let you go" he breathed down the phone,
"I love you too Honey, I always have" My reply didnt surprised either of us, we had always been physically attracted to one another but only until we had parted , started new lives , in too deep to turn back, did we realise we should never have split up.
" I miss you so much, I remember the last time we were together, you had told me you were getting married, I had come to see you for the last time and we tried so hard not to touch each other, as I was leaving, you backed up against the stairs, my cock was so hard, seeing your fantastic large tits in your low cut top, then you looked at me, gazed at my cock swollen, tight under my jeans, you went down on your haunches, unzipped me and took my frobbing cock into your hands, opened your mouth and took me in deep, you were always a fantastic woman when it came to blow jobs, the best I have ever had"
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nice but these could have been put together as 1