Chanel Number 5

I've been flirting with this lady for some time and she is extremely hot. Not a slapper, or available to anyone, a classy girl with a hot body, who knows what she wants and doesn't settle for second best,

And we arranged to meet in a hotel. She sent me a pic, so I would know what she looked like but it was kind of dark and indistinct, but when I walked into the bar, I looked around and the only person it could possibly be was this sexy blonde, with a great figure and long, slender legs, wearing the most glamorous red shoes and fishnets. Stockings or tights, I wondered.

So I went over and introduced myself.

Hello... I was just wondering about your perfume. Am I right in tninking it's Chanel No 5?

She looked at me, slightly bored, like she'd heard this a thousand times before.

"could be....". she said. "And you are?"

Jack, said I. If you ARE Chanel, we've been chatting online for a while. If you're not, then you still smell amazing.

That's the worst chat-up line I've heard in a very, very long time, she said. But go back to the bar, get a bottle of Pol Roger and come back here, and maybe you can redeem yourself. And I'll tell you how to speak to a real lady, like me.

Champagne bought, I went over and sat opposite her, admiring her beautiful eyes and wondering if I could hope to sit next to her, and slide my hand up her firm, well muscled thighs.

After chatting for a while, we got onto the subject of porn. I'm usually dom, and I love extreme hardcore, and she has excellent taste in that area.

I love a girl who gets off on it, and asked why she had chosen the films in her favorites file.

I chose one of them for you, she said in her husky, sexy voice. Do you know wnich one?

I knew immediately: it was the one where this sexy blonde rubs her cunt all over the face of a man wearing a rubber hood. It had really turned me on to think that she had chosen it for me, and I could feel my oock getting harder & harder in my pants, as she told me what it was she loved about the movie.

She finished her glass, looked at me and said, so, Jack. Are you ready to be dominated for the first time?

I'd never been sub before, but this time, I knew that I'd met the woman who could make me her slave.

She drank the last mouthful of her champagne, stuck her fingers in her mouth, and slowly droppped them below my sight, under the table. All I could hear was a wonderful, wet, squelching sound as she rubbed the champagne into her pussy.

Now, Jack, she said. It's time for you to have a drink.

And with that, she took me by the hand, stood up and left the table, dragging me with her towards the lift....
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