Messy Xmas

KinkyBBW38JJ and I had planned to focus on wax play and anal as our festive theme; she loves the feeling of hot wax on her clit, so before she came round, I'd got all my candles burning, so they would have lots of hot wax to slosh over her fantastic tits and glorious shaved cunt.

But before that I ordered her to kneel and present her ass and cunt to me, and wearing black rubber gloves I fingered them both, first with only a finger in each, but moving on until I had three in her ass and four in her cunt. She was pushing back hard as I penetrated her, and gasping with each thrust.

Then I made her lie on her back, and stretched her with a speculum to its fullest extent.

She loved the feeling of the cold metal sliding into her hot, wet, thoroughly lubed cunt, and I slid my fingers through the speculum to play with her cervix.

Then it was time for the wax and I took the crimson scented candle and poured its hot wax in a thick molten stream first over her tits

and then over her clit.

The results were spectacular; not drops but great streams and lakes of crimson, and I could see her shudder as each drop fell onto her sensitive breasts and cunt.

I was so aroused, I had to put down the camera and slide my cock into her, feeling the wax break off and drop onto the latex sheet as I fucked her hard, taking her legs over my shoulders so I could feel my balls banging of her ass while she took the full length and breadth of my cock.

She has the most amazingly voluptuous body, and I love the way it feels as I fuck her whatever position we choose, but I have to say that I find what people usually call 'the boring old missionary position' my favourite because It allows me to lick, suck and bite her nipples, which of course are always really hard from having her tits tied so tight together.

At one point, she was kneeling over me and fucking my mouth with her tits: which I've never done before and it was amazing. Her 38JJ tits are so full and hard that they made my cheeks ache as I sucked and chewed her, and I could tell she was really enjoying the pain she was feeling, and giving me as she crushed my mouth under the weight of her tits.

At one point we took a break, to watch some porn, and played with one another as we watched two big-titted, latex clad sluts with multiply pierced cunts licking and sucking one another as they pissed all over a man imprisoned in a latex vacuum bed. This really turned me on and it reminded me that I recently bought a cock pump, so she watched and photographed me as I brought my cock to a thick, veiny erection.

Then she finger fucked my ass as she wanked and sucked my cock. I've had my ass finger fucked before and it's always been kind of interesting but I've never had that prostate orgasm that I've read about until then: I came in her mouth, but it wasn't the end of my orgasm, because somehow my cock was still rock hard, and she continued to fuck my arse as we both wanked my cock at the same time over her face.

But then, all of a sudden, I felt her fingers sliding in even deeper and something just 'went' and I felt a deep and incredibly arousing orgasm rush from the very core of my body to fill every nerve ending as I came again, feeling my hot spunk flooding into her slutty mouth.

It was the horniest Xmas I've ever had and we spent the next day just recovering... I hope it was great for you too


75% (7/2)
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4 years ago
Do Girls like the feeling of being fingered by rubber gloves?
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
It was so much fun!
Looking forward to Sunday now xxx