KinkyBBW38JJ's first BDSM experience

Kinkybbw38JJ sent me her account of our first evening together. It's a lot more exciting than mine, and this is what she wrote...

I joined Alt on a whim after discussing some fantasies with a friend. I was unsure what to expect or what I was really looking for.

After a couple of weeks I received a message from hornyhung and dismissed it due to the age difference. Oh how wrong could I have been!

Thankfully he messaged me again.

Over the next few weeks we swapped email addresses, chatted on MSN then exchanged numbers and talked on the phone. A meeting was suggested and arranged for 5 weeks later. It was all becoming so real. I was excited but completely terrified at the same time.

The weeks passed slowly until the final week arrived. We’d both decided to have a week of celibacy so the tension was building up even more. I panicked about not having anything to wear so an outfit was quickly ordered from Honour. My nerves were really getting to me, to the point where I was unsure if I could even go through with it.

Saturday quickly arrived and I rushed along to the post office to pick up my outfit. As soon as I got home I had it on. A black PVC basque with red lace. I liked it! It didn’t exactly fit my breasts but, let’s face it, the chances of finding an outfit with the capacity to accommodate my breasts would always be slim!

Eventually it was time for me to leave. My heart was beating so fast. I got in the car and drove to his flat. As soon as I’d stopped the car the front door opened and he was there, a dark figure looming in the doorway. He then stepped out smiling, kissed me and offered to carry my bag like the perfect gentleman.

I walked up the stairs with him walking behind, feeling his eyes on me. We sat over on the couches and he brought me over a champagne cocktail. I was that nervous I was shaking. Here I was sat with the man who knew all my fantasies and desires and was going to help me fulfil them. He took my hand in his and tried to calm my nerves.

He leaned in and kissed me again, harder this time. His hands reached my breasts and he pulled them out of my top and slowly started to suck one of my nipples. It felt so good. I reached down and started stroking his swollen cock through his trousers. He explained that he was wearing a leather harness round his cock and balls. I had to have a look at that!

He unbuttoned his trousers and I reached in and pulled it out. It was very red and very hard. He certainly is very well endowed! I started stroking it and squeezing his balls as we kissed then looked down and noticed there was bl**d on my hand. He had shaved earlier and there was a couple of nicks. He wiped it with his finger and licked it before kissing me again. I could taste the bl**d. It was such a turn on! In hindsight I wish I had licked and sucked them clean. There is something so erotic about the taste of bl**d. He stood in front of me as I was sitting, his cock pointing expectantly towards me. I leaned forward and took him in my mouth, sucking and stroking and licking. I couldn’t wait for it to be inside me!

We sat and chatted for a while then he suggested a tour of the flat. He slid open the doors to the bedroom and I looked inside. The room was dominated by the bed which was covered with a black rubber sheet and was strewn with all the toys and equipment I had heard about. My heartbeat increased. He reached between my legs and explored my pussy with his fingers. I was so wet. We stood there for a while, kissing and playing with each other then he suggested I got undressed and he would change into his PVC chaps and a pair of boots. I went back into the lounge and stripped down to my basque, stockings and heels and waited.

When he came back through he looked magnificent – just as I’d expected. He led me through to the kitchen and I leaned down on the worktop and spread my legs a little. I just wanted him inside me! Thankfully he must have had the same idea. He came up behind me and pushed his cock in my pussy and fucked me hard for a while. It felt amazing having him inside me finally! Eventually he pulled out and went to get some rope to tie my breasts. I loved the way they felt and looked. He was pulling on my nipples and slapping them. The marks appeared almost instantaneously. Perfect purple fingers curving round my breasts.

He had also brought through his cupping set and started attaching one to a nipple, pumping it up tightly. I did enjoy the feeling but perhaps it could be pumped a little more next time. Annoyingly a cup would not attach to the other nipple. He then attached some wrist restraints that fit over the door to me and a ball gag. I was helpless while he stood back and looked at me. I loved the position I was in!

A cup was then attached to my pussy but I don’t think it was on right as I couldn’t really feel anything.

He picked up a riding crop with a little leather hand at the end and told me to turn around. I turned, my wrists crossed and leaned forward a little. I could feel him running it around my ass, waiting for the first sting. When it came it was delicious. I tried to tell him to hit me harder but couldn’t. He took the ball gag out. “Harder” I said. Oh god it was good.

I was so turned on and I think he must have been too as when he untied me he told me he wanted to take me through to the bedroom and just fuck my ass. We pulled the cups off my nipple and pussy and went through to the bedroom, hastily removing all the toys and equipment from the bed. He told me to get on my knees and face down on the sheet with my ass in the air.

He filled a syringe with lube and inserted it in my ass before roughly shoving a couple of fingers in. Oh it felt great! I could feel his cock pressing against the entrance. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me, and fuck me hard. I love anal but don’t think I’ve had anyone as thick as him. He pushed his cock in me making me gasp with the pain and pleasure. It felt so intense. I started pushing back against him and he grabbed my pigtails and was slamming his cock in me. It was pure bliss. I just can’t explain how much I enjoyed it! He then pulled out, letting me know he was going to cum, and f***ed his cock in my mouth. He leaned down to kiss me and we shared the taste of his hot, sticky cum.

So that was my first experience with BDSM. I enjoyed myself but I know I was overly nervous so perhaps was holding back a bit. I think next time I will know more what to expect and will feel more comfortable.

Bring on round 2!
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3 years ago
Part two?
4 years ago
I loved this and I can't wait for my first time!!! Xx
4 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing!! sounds like a really fun session!!
4 years ago