KinkyBBW38JJ - The Overture

All good things come to those who wait, they say.

And I waited a long, long time for Kinky.

We started chatting almost 2 months ago on another site that's more fetish oriented than xhamster. Still the same percentage of shy people hiding behind their avatars as here, but a bit more specialised.

And we got chatting. A few messages back and forth. An exchange of email addresses. A bit of time on MSN. Eventually that exciting moment when we spoke on the phone. And then, once we'd looked at our diaries and consulted our horoscopes and had a bout of the flu or cold feet or whatever, we finally decided that we would meet. In 5 weeks time...

Then the tension ratcheted up a bit. We knew where one another lived and worked. We could have just turned up and said hello, but we were strict.

And we introduced another little tweak: we'd stay celibate for a week before we met. No orgasms, solo or with other people. No playing, no touching, no release...

It was hell but it was good. It's been a long time since I genuinely felt frustrated and desperate for a totally kinky fuck.

Then the evening came round that we were to meet. Phone calls were exchanged. Champagne was chilled. And finally she arrived. The most voluptuous, totally kinky bitch I'd ever talked to who'd never actually done any of the things she fantasised about.

I've met newbies before, but they've always done a spot of homework, a bit of experimentation, but this one was (almost) all in the mind.

And she was nervous. God she was nervous. She was excited, but unsure of herself. Ready to let go, but completely holding back at the same time.

It was fascinating. And very, very exciting. When would she feel ready to submit and allow her desires to be fulfilled?

We'd discussed so many options, so many scenarios: where would we begin?

So tonight was the Overture. A short passage setting out the themes that will develop in the other movements of the symphony (yes I know that sounds pretentious, but bear with me)

It was the consultation. I'm sure some doms just do whatever they want to do and don't give their subs any choice in the matter, but I'm not like that.

I want to work out where your limits are. Can we go there? Can we go further? How much more can you take? Is that too much? OK, let's pull back....

Does that sound too considerate? Probably. But we'll find out.

She has to write her version of our evening. Which will be much more interesting than this

So check back here in due course for the next movement. Allegro non troppo? Or Furiouso? I have no idea. It's her turn to speak....
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4 years ago
Kinky's written the rest here - and it's much more exciting than my version!
4 years ago
could have gone a bit further !!! I'm slow on the keyboard but that would have taken only 15 minutes!!!!!