Flickerlove's first BDSM experience

My First BDSM Experience
Tonight was going to be a lot of firsts for me. At the age of 40, for the first time in my life, I was meeting someone who I had met over the internet. Not only was I meeting them but I was going to allow them to give me the pain, domination and humiliation that I had craved for over 20 years. It had been a long time coming.
As I sat on the train I switched back and forward through several emotions – anticipation, nervousness excitement and self-doubt amongst them, but overall I was as horny as fuck!
When I arrived at the station I jumped into a taxi and sent Jack a text to let him know I would soon be there. I couldn’t help wondering what the nice old taxi driver would think if he knew what I intended to be doing later on that night!
The taxi drew away and I was left standing outside Jacks front door. I was about to knock when the door suddenly swung open to reveal a set of stairs. I couldn’t see Jack; he was completely hidden by the door. This just seemed to make things more erotic in my minds’ eye. My heart was hammering and I was so nervous. I took a deep breath and entered the lions’ den.
The door closed behind me and there he was. He was dressed in smart black trousers and a casual white shirt. He looked hot! He gave me a quick kiss, took my bags and led me upstairs into his fantastic apartment. He took my jacket and asked me if I wanted some champagne. I’m not usually a great drinker but I thought that maybe a wee bit of Dutch courage wouldn’t do any harm.
Jack kissed me several times then. He started off gently, caressing my face and body before he deepened the kiss. I’m sure he must have felt my heart thundering in my chest but as his tongue danced with mine I could feel the nerves begin to slip away from me. He gave me a guided tour, showing me the latex covered bed that was strewn with an assortment of toys and equipment. It excited me to see it. Jack pulled me close and started squeezing my tits and pulling my nipples before lifting my skirt and stroking my clit. I knew my cunt was already dripping wet and when he told me to spread my legs wider I happily complied. Suddenly he stopped, pulled my skirt down and sorted my blouse. Fuck! I didn’t want him to stop! He led me over to the sofa and we sat for a while getting to know each other. We would occasionally touch and kiss and he managed to put me completely at ease.
We wandered through to the kitchen area so Jack could show me something on the computer. Before long we were kissing hard and deep again. I liked the fact that he had shaved carefully and his face was completely smooth. He is a very sexy man.
We had talked about getting changed but as Jack opened my blouse and pulled my tits out of my bra, we decided not to bother. He sucked on my nipples, gently at first but then with more f***e and when he started to bite them I thought I was going to come there and then!
He pulled my nipples hard, harder than they had ever been pulled before. He twisted and stretched my nipples until I’m sure they wouldn’t stretch any further and then he started slapping my tits. Words cannot describe what this did to me. I have never felt so turned on in my life. As he started slapping harder and harder, the bruises started coming up quickly. As I looked down at my rapidly purpling tits I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face…….THIS was what I had waited 20 years for, and I was loving every second of it.
We moved back over to the sofas and Jack asked me to show him the toys that I had brought with me. I think he was pleasantly surprised by the selection that I had. He asked me to show him how I bound my tits when I was alone so I happily proceeded to demonstrate. I used a length of inch wide elastic at the base of each tit, stretching it as tight as it would go. I think Jack was quite impressed at how quickly and easily the elastic did its job. He then got himself a length of black rope and tied my tits even more. We tried to put on clamps and pegs but my nipples were too tightly swollen for them to stay on.
The rest of the clothes came off and we headed through to that latex covered bed where Jack attached a spreader bar to my ankles. He didn’t cuff my wrists because my back was bothering me and I needed to be able to use my hands to support myself.
I think that Jack sensed that I wanted my tits to be punished more so he asked me if I wanted him to use his tawse on me. I couldn’t hide my excitement as I told him that I did. As the stiff leather came down on each of my tits it added even more to the welts and bruising that already covered them. I wanted to laugh because the feeling was so exquisite. That initial sharp sting followed by the spreading heat seemed to directly affect my cunt which was sopping wet once again.
Jack wanted me to pump my cunt up for him and I was happy to do so because I love the sensation pumping gives me. I attached the cup and started pumping away while Jack pressed my inflatable plug into my tight ass. He inflated the plug until I could feel it completely stretching me inside to the point where it was painful. As I continued to pump up my lips I could feel my juices being pulled from my dripping cunt by the suction cup. What an amazing feeling, I could feel the bl**d being f***ed into my clit and both my inner and outer lips.
Jack finally decided to get his cock out and boy was it worth the wait! He pushed it far into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag. God I wish I could deep throat! I licked and sucked him for a while until it was time to remove the suction cup from my cunt. I knew I was extremely swollen and I think Jack liked how my pumped cunt looked. He wanted to see deep inside me so he tried to insert a speculum to stretch me wide open. My cunt had other ideas however and literally spat it back out at him! We decided to forget that idea!
Instead he settled down between my legs and proceeded to lick and suck my swollen lips sending me into a frenzy. He had his full face in my cunt and when he came up for air a while later I was able to lick my juices off his face and even his eyebrows……he was covered in it! That was as sexy as hell. He had attached some pegs to my swollen outer lips which I held to pull me wide open. I asked him to suck on my clit and kept telling him harder, harder. He said he couldn’t suck any harder than he was. I wanted him to bite my clit and suck at the same time but for some reason I couldn’t find the words. I definitely need to work on vocalising what I want. I don’t know why I find it so difficult.
Jack fucked my mouth and then he fucked my cunt until we both collapsed on the latex sheet, spent. He cooked a wonderful meal which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we both had a bath and went to bed. Jack showed that he can also be a tender lover and I was desperate to have his cock in my ass. He fucked my ass good and hard and then we curled up to sl**p.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to sl**p. I was in a strange bed, I wasn’t used to someone sl**ping next to me and I am a complete night owl. I lay there listening to Jacks gentle breathing and reflected on what we had done. I loved the breast play and I was proud of the bruises that now covered the milky white skin of my tits. I particularly enjoyed being punished with the tawse. I can just imagine how that would feel striking my back and my ass and backs of my thighs, curling round to flick against my cunt, leaving welts and bruises to match the ones on my tits.
Throughout the night Jack would suddenly grab a nipple and twist it or he would finger me gently. I don’t even think he was aware he was doing it but I loved it.
When he woke up the next morning we began kissing and cuddling which inevitably led to more fucking. He made me get one of my vibrators and watched as I made myself come.
All too soon it was time for me to head home. I got dressed and the vest top I had brought only just covered my bruised tits. Jack dropped me off at the train station and we kissed goodbye before I got onto my train.
The train was really busy and there were a couple of guys sitting across from me. Although my tits weren’t sore as such my nipples felt really sensitive and my bra rubbing against them made the feeling even more intense. I could feel the wetness pooling again between my legs. Suddenly I decided that I wanted to show off my bruises. I pulled my top down just slightly to show some of black and purple bruising and then watched the two guys opposite me in the reflection of the window. I know they saw the marks, I saw them looking at each other and then back at my tits. They didn’t know I could see them in the reflection. I can’t believe how turned on I felt!!
I don’t know what they thought and I don’t care. I am so fucking proud of those bruises because to me they signify the end of a lifetime of repression and unfulfilled desires. I feel as if those bruises have completed me and that I have taken the first step towards being the woman that I want to be.
I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity for a return visit soon.
Thank you Jack, for everything.
88% (8/1)
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4 years ago
good story but needs more details