A surprising invitation part two

I stood in the doorway for a while, overwhelmed by the prospect in front of me. I looked up and sure enough, there was the video camera on a shelf, feeding the image of my latex slut to the TV. Her bed was littered with toys and the air was heavy with the scent of her sex.

I pulled her legs over the side of the bed, knelt down and pressed my face into her soaking wet cunt, and rubbed it all over my face until I was soaked in her juices and then reached up with both my hands and pulled her labia wide open so I could bury my tongue inside her and rub my nose against her clit. I felt her begin to ride my face, slowly at first, but deeply, so hard that I could feel my nose and mouth being crushed as she fucked my face. She was breathing deeply, and moaning harder and harder, so I helped her along by sliding two fingers inside her and found her g-spot as I sucked her clit which was full and fat and standing hard in my mouth.

I rubbed that g-spot harder and harder as I felt her press deeper and deeper, her moans becoming gasps and then little screams as she began to squirt right into my mouth and I drank her greedily. Fuck I was horny now!

I stood and pulled her head to my groin, and rubbed her face over my latex pants. My cock had been erect for ages now and I could feel it straining against the material, desperate to penetrate her, but I resisted the temptation to unzip and continued to have her rub her open mouth along the length of it through the latex. I could feel her teeth as she bit me and rubbed them all along the length, before biting the head and trying to suck it through my pants, the dirty slut.

I loved it!

Time for more teasing. I made her kneel and present her ass to me and rimmed her for about five minutes as I slid my entire fist inside her cunt from behind.

Then I took a bottle of lube, covered my other hand in it, and began to work on her ass, one finger at a time until I had three inside her and my fist all the way up to the wrist. She was talking dirty now, telling me to fist her ass and cunt at the same time like the fucking slut whore she was, so I took my hand out of her cunt, lubed my other hand and after a bit of gentle manoeuvering, felt my whole fist gripped incredibly tightly by her ass. It wasn't the first time I'd fisted someone but it was my first ass, and it felt incredible: I was extremely conscious that I didn't want to hurt her, but she was so turned on, that I knew there was only one way forward.

So, using my knee to press the lube pump, I covered my other hand with lube again and it slid home like a guided missile. I fucked her with both fists, at first moving at different times, which she seemed to enjoy, but then I began fisting her with both penetrating at the same time, which was incredible.

her body began to quiver, and she began to squirt, little ones at first, but repeatedly, as she lost control and threw her head back as her whole body gave into the sensation and she pushed herself back onto me as she came, weeping, laughing and cursing me for a dirty fucker.

I stayed standing behind her for a long time before I very gently removed first one fist then the other and we collapsed together on the bed for a while, to regain our strength and prepare for the next part of the evening....
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4 years ago
maybe another part discovering who she is?
4 years ago
excellent but have been added to the other part