Latex, breast bondage & punishment

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I'd been chatting to Vikinky for a while and we met briefly and frustratingly a few weeks ago. She lives some distance from me and I thought it unlikely that we'd meet anytime soon, but it turned out she was going to be in town for the evening, so we arranged to meet.

It was late by the time we got together and although I'd been out all evening, I had just enough time to dress in my chaps and lay out the contents of my naughty bag on top of the black latex sheet - masks, speculums, restraints, lubes, ropes, clamps and all the other things I thought we might bring in to play. When she finally made it through the door, we kissed deeply for a while, but although I could feel myself getting aroused, I pulled back and led her upstairs for a glass of champagne. I went first, so she could get a good look at the thong of my PVC body between the cheeks of my arse.

After a couple of glasses, it was time to play so I gave her the bedroom to herself so she could change. It wasn't long before she emerged, wearing a leopard-skin bra under a latex dress, her tits firm and thrusting through the flimsy material. She looked stunning, and it was the work of a moment to pull her breasts out and suck and squeeze them hard: I could feel her nipples hardening under my touch.

I slapped them, gently but firmly for a while, but her face remained impassive, so I began to whip them with a short flogger, increasing the intensity with every stroke, and while I could tell this was an improvement, I could also tell I wasn't really getting through.

So I got out the japanese bondage rope and bound her tits as tightly as their size allowed, and they began almost immediately to change colour, darkening and looking swollen and very slutty.

I clamped her nipples, and pulled the chain, raising her breasts and feeling their heavy weight, but again although she seemed to be enjoying it, I knew that this wasn't taking her anywhere she'd been before, so I said to her, "You want me to really whip your breasts hard, don't you, slut?" She nodded, smiling and I knew that this would be the time to use my tawse, the old double strapped belt that my teachers had used on me as a c***d. Wielded by an adult sadist, I knew from experience that the tawse could leave a serious bruise even on a hand, and I had no doubt it would do its worst on the sensitive tissue of her swollen breasts.

So I brought it through. Did I mention that by this time I had also cuffed her hands behind her back and placed a ball gag firmly in her mouth? No, well that's how she was, and when I came back, slapping the tawse on my hand, I knew that she was going to feel some intense pain.

I held her left breast and slapped it firmly; then the right, then the left again, and with each stroke I heard her begin to breathe more heavily, in pleasure as much as pain. Only the last few strokes provoked a squeal: she took it all without tears. I would have wondered whether or not I'd really been using her properly, but soon, the telltale bruising began to appear on her skin, quickly darkening into some serious marks.

I took the gag out of her mouth, drank some champagne and dribbled it into her mouth before leading her to the latex covered bed, where I shackled her ankles and wrists to a spreader bar, laid her on her back and then ate her soaking cunt out for about five minutes: a less honest man would say that she came and came again, but in fact I didn't make her come all night, which for me was something of a role reversal (as my other subs know, orgasm is one of my problem areas)

Not that night, as it happened. I came twice, something I haven't done for a long long time. It was a deeply horny session and while we did a number of things, there are still plenty on the wishlist to revisit when we meet again which I am sure we will do.

PS I just got a message with a pic attached - she's bought some new waterproof fuck-me shoes so we can get very wet together....
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3 years ago
mm yummm love breast tourture very sexy xxx xxx
4 years ago
very good written well
4 years ago
Great start, I hope there's lots more to cum with plenty of explicit detail.