Annie's Wet Dream

So anyway - im wearing a lovely polished shiny latex catsuit and a nice hefty solid collar around my neck. You've attached a leather strap to the collar - a substantial lead - and you are stood behind me and you bend me forward and tell me to touch my toes.

As the rubber tightens across my arse and pussy you undo the zip to expose them. I lean a little further forward as you do this to allow unfettered access to my glistening wet cunt - a gentle arch of my back points my arse at a perfect angle for you. Your cock is released from its rubber confines and is hard and standing proud.

you pull the leash and I stumble backwards only to be steadied by you. I feel your cock rub against my arse cheeks. You peel away my suit to expose more of my cheeks and you grasp a a handful of my peachy soft buttocks - the sting and pressure of your grasp makes me reach forward just a little bit more as the pain subsides and the endorphins begin to kick in and the pleasurable feelings mount and course through my body.

I feel your fingers begin to probe my cunt, my wetness and juices covering your fingers and you gradually move your hand and fingers to my arse and use my natural lubrication to insert a finger. I raise up from my bent over position and arch my back some more as you tug gently on my leash so that my head rises some more - I am straining against the leash as you insert more fingers into my arse and feel me from the inside. I can feel the tip of your cock against the entrance to my pussy.

I want you to pull me back just a little more so that it will slide into me - stretching me over you. but you resist for a moment longer. My cunt is sodden and the sweet odour of arousal is overwhelming and wanton. As I relax into your probing and fingering you thrust your hips forward and enter me firmly and deeply. I moan in delight as my cunt envelops you.

As you thrust gently forward and back you tug the leash in time so that you can get deeper in my. I can feel your balls against my clit as our hips meet. When you are deep in me you hold the leash tight so I cannot move away from you for another thrust. You remove your fingers from my arse and I feel a sting across my cheeks as you spank me hard. I flinch at the pain and this reverberates through my cunt as it momentarily spasms around your cock. You spank me again and pull the leash tighter.

With your cock still deep in me I begin to feel a warm gushing wetness inside. I realise quickly that you are relieving yourself inside me - your bitter golden piss is filling my pussy from within. It begins to seek and escape, from around your cock, from within me. It runs down our legs - warmth and wetness mixed with my pussy juices and your precum down the rubber and flesh.

You withdraw your cock and the gushing continues. You rub my piss soaked pussy and clit and make me cum in no time at all. You offer me your sticky fingers to lick which I do with ardent fervour and once they are clean you begin to finger me some more - massaging my g-spot to make me spurt. As I begin to stream my cum out of my pussy you put your lips to me to catch my nectar and lap it up.

As soon as I have finished squirting on your face you turn me round and stand me up and kiss me deeply. You instruct me to clean my cum off your face - which I do with kisses and my tongue - savouring every taste of me. You then kneel me down slowly on a cushion and offer me your cock. It still tastes of me and your piss. You again instruct me to lick it clean.

I take it in my mouth - caressing your cock with my tongue and lips - the soft gentle flesh in my mouth around your massive hard-on. You thrust backwards and forwards in my mouth - fucking my face for your pleasure. you take your cock out of my mouth and use it to slap my face before forcing it back in between my warm receptive and welcoming lips.

You take delight in pleasuring yourself with my mouth and you can feel yourself wanting to orgasm more and more. Your arousal increases with every stroke and thrust - I can feel your cock beginning to pulsate inside my mouth - I know you are close to cumming.

I begin to work my tongue harder up and down your shaft, teasing your creamy sticky cum from your balls and into my mouth. I sit back and open wide as you wank into mouth as you have an explosion of cream into my mouth and across my face - shooting your cum for me to enjoy - a string of pearls stretching from my lips to the tip of your cock.

You instruct me to clean your cock further - I duly oblige and suck every drop from your cock like my life depended on it, running my tongue under your foreskin and right down to your balls. You cock is still twitching from your orgasm and also from the heightened sensitivity from being teased post-orgasm by my tongue....
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4 years ago
now that is a turn on
4 years ago
This story was written by my good friend Annie Guns
She's a gifted writer (among her other talents)
4 years ago
makes me feel to fuck you
4 years ago
that is sssooooooo hhhooooottt