New Latex Slut

I had a first meeting with a latex slut last night.

We'd met for coffee once and a drink another time but we finally got together yesterday. It was interesting. Actually, it was a lot more than that. I was horny as fuck.

She has a remarkable wardrobe - a full latex body suit, and a plethora of other bits and pieces: a gas mask, an open faced rubber hood, gloves, corsets, ludicrously high heels, dildos, an apparatus that has hooks on either end to pull her mouth wide open and my favourite, a pussy pump, which was the first thing I used on her, once I'd zipped her into her suit and then carefully re-opened the zips to give me access to her cunt and ass.

I don't want to bore you with a blow by blow account of what we did, but the highlights for me were her ability to give deep throat, and her pleasure in drooling saliva in ever increasing amounts between her hooked mouth and my engorged cock; the incredible pleasure she took from having her cunt repeatedly pumped and then having me finger and suck her cunt and clit.

She also brought me two presents: an anal speculum and a prostate massager... she wants to take my ass. I'm excited at the thought. If we were to meet, what would you like me to do to you, and vice versa?

I'd love to know...
73% (2/1)
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4 years ago
mmmmmmmm....sounds like fun!!!!
4 years ago
Your suit for me would have zips on each side of the chest. My tits would be exposed just to humiliate me. and for punishment. Any kind you choose.
4 years ago
the blow by blows would have been nice