Gay/bi sauna

I am 35 years of age and married to sexy woman for years but I love cock too. I often visit my local gay/bi sauna when I get the urge for cock. On this particular time it was an hour or so befor it closed. The man who worked there did tell me that it was empty as he was shutting in a hour but I said it was ok as I could entertain myself and enjoy the steam room and jacuzzi. He gave me my towel and locker key as normal. I always wear s pair of my wife's panties when I go as I love the chance of someone seeing me in them. I stripped off down to my jeans and waited for the attendant to be passing by the changing room and then eased down my jeans so he would clearly see my white Lacey thong. I was hanging up my jeans and he walked in and did a very subtle moan. He made the excuse of starting to tidy up. I didn't cover up as I was turned on. No words were spoken now. I had my back to him and could tell he was looking at my bum. I bent right over and arched out my ass for him as I pretended to scratch my foot. I glanced over to see him staring and rubbing his cock. He looked away. He worked his way over to me pretending to check the lockers. He moved around me and accidentally rubbed my bum cheek. He stopped as I did nothing. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to squeeze my ass and did so befor I said anything. I just pushed out my ass cheeks a little. He moaned and then went out. He lurked around so I knew I was being watched as I slowly peeled my knickers down. I stepped out of them and wrapped my towel around me. I went into the steam room to begin. Within minutes he came in with a mop to carry on his cleaning. I was obviously naked but sat with legs up so he couldn't see anything. He went out but came straight back in. This time I dropped my leg down so he could clearly see my semi erect cock. He mopped really slow and I could see through the steam him glancing at my ever growing cock. I was so turned on. He left. I got up and headed straight to the jacuzzi which is opposite the counter where he sits. He was stood up so again I removed my towel and hung it up. He would have had a clear view of my ass as I climbed into the water. I turned on the bubbles and lay back. Every time I opened my eyes he was looking at me so I would let my cock rise to the surface of the water. He then was in front if his counter tidying up when I noticed him peeving on me from behind a pillar. He then sat down where he could still see me and I could see his head but not his body. It took a few mins for me to realise he was wanking off in the chair. Wow!! I was so horny. Not looking at him but knowing what he was doing I stood in the jacuzzi to give him a right eyeful of my fully naked wet body with a raging hard on. I turned to where the buttons where and bent over again and pretended to be pressing them. I returned to full frontal befor lowering back into water. He got up but within seconds entered the jacuzzi room again with his mop but this time only had his trunks on!! I pretended not to see him to start with. He mopped around the side until he got behind me. So he was stood behind me looking down into the water. I realised he had stopped so I raised my body up to the surface so he would see my hard on. I put my hands back behind my head as it was resting on the side if the jacuzzi. I then felt his cock lightly touch one of my hands. I knew then he was wanking right above me. I opened my hand a little and straight away he placed his throbbing cock into it. I grasped it tightly as it felt so warm. I rubbed it slowly but then was wanking it off. I rolled my head backwards and to the side to see his cock in my hand. He pushed forward so his cock touched my face. I couldn't be quick enough as I spun round and swallowed it all in my mouth. He was an older man. His pubes neatly trimmed and a cut cock that was slim and about 5" long. Perfect!! I wanked and sucked him for a few minutes and my heart was beating fast and my cock throbbing. He pulled back and just said "stay right there". He took down his trunks and walked round to front if jacuzzi and got in. So at this point I had my back to him half hanging over the edge of jacuzzi. He came up behind me and rubbed my back and then down to my ass cheeks. I could feel him slightly parting my cheeks with his thumbs. He then kissed my lower back but within seconds he had his tongue in my bum hole. It felt so good I just leant over the jacuzzi even more so to open me up more. After a good licking he spun me round and we both stood in water. Cock to cock. He passionately kissed me thrusting his tongue in and out my mouth. He reached down and grabbed my cock. I wanted to explode!! He gently pushed me back so I sat on edge if jacuzzi. His mouth went straight onto my bell end. So warm. His tongue on my japs eye. Inch by inch he went down my cock. He took most of it which felt awesome. After sucking my cock and balls for about ten minutes he stood up again and said "my turn". So again I got his lovely smooth cock in my mouth. As I was blowing him he told me he wanted to taste my ass again so without pause I quickly spun round and assumed the position. I heard him moan again like a dirty old man which just turned me on even more. As said his tongue was straight inside me with his hands opening me more. His hands then grabbed my hips as he pulled me onto his face even more. He stopped licking me and lowered me into the water. As he did he put his hand on my back to keep me bent over a little. Next I felt the tip of his cock gently pushing on my ass hole. It felt so horny that I just moaned like a whore. Pushing on it bit by bit I felt it enter me. It didn't hurt at all. Maybe the licking and the water was helping. He pulled back. Then pushed it in again but this time a little more. He didn't take it back out then just rocked back and forwards. I was now really moaning. Bit more each time until he was fully inside me. His 5"cock was just right. His hands then went on my hips as he began to really fuck me. I loved it!! He pounded away at my ass until he shot his load and that felt even warmer than the water we was in. He pulled out and turned me round to kiss me gently and simply say wow thank you.
94% (23/2)
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1 year ago
I've made a mess that I'm licking of my hands. Thanks
2 years ago
mmm very nice
2 years ago
eVery nice encounter.
2 years ago
Very nice. Paragraph returns would help,the readability, but still, my dick is hard.