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I got a phone call from Judy(First Encounter). A friend of hers needed some work done.She told me to be careful because this woman would no doubt try to fuck me.I said,"you know me Judy I'm ready for anything".Judy and I were fucking off and on but she knew I was fucking other woman.She was cool with that.She told me this woman was fat and very aggressive.She likes telling people what to do and how to do it.She told me when you see her you may not want to fuck her because she is really a big woman and not pleasantly big.I went to the house,she opened the door and stepped out.Judy was right see is big.She has short blonde hair with very visible dark roots and messy.Her tits are enormous and her belly is sticking out as far as her tits.She is round with big legs.What she was wearing didn't help how she looked.Tight short shorts and a tight shirt that didn't completly cover her .Her cloths were straining to hold it all in.I spent 2 days there painting and she wore the same type of outfit all the time.She has no shame.As I was finishing she was right there with me.She said,"you know I know you and Judy are having sex ,how about you and me.Wow she is really direct."Sure I guess",I said.She said,"Well lets do it"."Right now?",I said."Yes of course",she said.I followed her into the house.I didn't even have the door closed,she had her blouse off and was taking her shorts off right in the living room.She had her back to me as she dropped her shorts and said,"unsnap my bra".I had to pull the bra to unsnap it and it snapped like a rubber band.She was wearing these giant panties.She turned,her tits are gigantic.Her nipples were buried in the fat of her tits.I was also down to my under pants.At the same time we dropped our under pants.She sat on the couch and motioned for me to come to her .She took my cock in her hand,stroking it, licking the under side of my cock down to my balls and back up.When she got it nice and hard she told me to lay on the floor.She climbed on top of me,her big belly hanging over her pussy,her tits sitting on her belly.She was kneeling over me,took my cock and guided it into her cunt.It slid in easily.She pumped on my cock "ah ah ah ah ah ah " she said.Faster and faster her fat jumping all over the place.I lifted her huge tits off her belly to reveal these huge nipples. The brown around her nipple had to be 3" in diameter.Suddenly she started yelling.It sounded like "yike yike yike yike aaaaaaaaah".Then she stopped and got off me.She got down on all fours for a doggy fuck.I got up and instead of kneeling behind her I squatted and pushed my cock in her big fat cunt.I pumped my cock in and out ,my big balls slapping against her fat pussy.Again she yelled louder"YIKE YIKE YIKE OH OH OH OH".She relaxed and pulled away. She got up,went over to the couch and put one knee on the couch with her foot on the floor.I went over and drove my cock hard into her cunt.I fucked her while playing with her huge tits.I was ready to cum.She was banging her big ass back against me.I shot a huge load of cum in her cunt and she screamed,"OH OH OH OH YES ITS THE BIG ONE,YIKE YIKE YIKE YES YES YES YES ".She stopped pumped as I unloaded all my cum in her.She pulled off my cock,sat on the couch and motioned for me to come to her.She sucked my cock for a while.Then she laughed and said," alright I'm done with you ,get out".So I left.
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