Bus Trip

I was on a Senior Citizen Bus Trip .These two woman Rose and Cathy were chatting me up on the bus.They were asking a lot of questions.The more we chatted the more I thought about a threesome with s****rs.Wow the things I was thinking.Come to find out Rose is married 68 years old and Cathy is a single widow 65 years old.Cathy looks older than Rose.I was with them most of the trip.The third night of the trip we had dinner at a restaurant with a Disc Jockey playing music after dinner.Cathy was dressed up in a dress.One of those silky tight fitting type that was V shaped in front showing her knees and legs.The top was shoulder straps and pretty low cut.What cleavage she had was showing.At the time I wasn't sure she was wearing any bra or panties,because I couldn't see any lines just smooth skin.She was hot looking though.Cathy is a little chunky,small tits,pretty big ass and belly. She is also not really very pretty not ugly.We danced a few dances had a few drinks and I was getting a good feel of her body.She was pulling me in tight to her almost griding her belly into me.Before we finished dancing I asked her if she wanted to come to my room at the motel for a few drinks and see what trouble we can get into.I thought she mite slap me the way she looked at me,but then she said sure.I gave her my cell phone number to call me when she was coming to the room so I could leave the door unlocked and not stand outside knocking.She came to my room still wearing the dress.Good I thought now I will find out what is under it.We had a few drinks and talked.She was getting a little looser because she told me it was no accident she was on the trip.A friend of hers is someone I have been fucking but she wouldn't tell me who.I said,"well that's great now I don't have to figure out how to get you in bed,that's why your here"."My friend told me you were bad".With that I got up went over to her,bent down,my arms on either side of the chair,and started kissing her very sensual,just brushing my lips to hers.Oh my she said your quite a kisser.I kept kissing her until she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down so she could kiss me full on the mouth and her tongue shot right in my mouth.I took one hand and placed it on her tit.I was right no bra.I continued to squeeze her tit as we kissed.I wasn't feeling much nipple but her tit was a handful.I bent down and kissed her tit through the silky material.MMMMM she said that's nice.I reached up and pulled her strap over her shoulder and her tit.Then kissed her bare tit and nipple.She has small nipples they never really got hard.Tits are still nice.She reached and rubbed my erect cock through my pants."Oh my that feels pretty big".She undid my pants as I put my hand on her naked leg and slid it up her thigh.She opened her legs to let me get to her pussy.First thing I felt was hair,lots of it.No panties.I ran my hand over it as she slid her hand down my shorts and over my cock."Wow that is big" she said.She moaned oooh as I
pushed my hand between her legs to her cunt and rubbed it.Ooooooooh she moaned.I stood up and pulled my pants down.Again she said that is big. She started stroking my cock.mmmmm that is a good looking dick.I have never had one this big,this will be fun.All the guys I've had were small.I said you poor baby your just now going to find out what you've been missing.She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, kissing,licking and sucking the head of my cock.Then she took it all in as I put my hands on both tits.I took my pants off stood Cathy up.I took her in my arms,kissing her and putting my cock under her dress and against her cunt,the hair felt nice.She turned facing the bed.I put my hands on both tits and pushed my cock against her ass sliding it around on her silky dress.Then I pulled her dress up,pushed her on her back until she was bent over the bed.I slipped my cock between her legs.I could feel her pussy lips on my cock.I stroked my cock along her pussy."Oooooooooh aaaaah "she said"," that feels good'.I put my cock in the opening of her cunt and pushed in slowly.When I got my cock head in I just pumped slowly in and out."OOOOOH MY I am already enjoying this"."Oh my my my "she says.I fucked her slowly all of a sudden she tensed up and was making little chirping noises ahahahahahah.She relaxed and said that was good.She just came I was surprised.She pulled off my cock and sat on the bed,her dress still around her waist,she said did you cum.No I said, we're not done.Oh she said ,what do you want to do? I want to keep having sex.Cathy looked surprised.I got on the bed ,sat against the headboard and said come over here and suck my cock.She crawled up and layed across my leg facing me.She took my cock in her hand and began sucking.Is this alright she said.That is wonderful.I let her suck for awhile then I told her to lay back I want to eat your pussy.I pulled her dress up,she spread her legs I spread her pussy hair and started licking and sucking her clit.It is a nice size and as I sucked it grew.She moaned in pleasure and lifted her ass as I finger fucked her ."Oh my ",she said ,"you do know what your doing,oh my my my".Then I got up layed my cock on her clit and slid it around on it.She was sighing ahahahahah. I then let my cock slide down into her cunt opening and proceeded to push all the way in her cunt.I pumped my cock in her cunt at a steady pace.holding myself self up with my arms watching her. Her eyes were closed as I pumped.Again she started chirping ahahahahahah.She held her hands up in a fist,her head pushed back into the pillow.She pumped her ass to my pumps chirping loudly" AHAHAHAHAHAH YES".I drove my cock harder into her.Her body shook as she cried out in a soft voice I'm cumming yes yes yes .As I shot my load into her she grabbed my ass AHAHAHAHAHAH YES YES YES her eyes and mouth popped open wide.She looked stunted.Then she threw her arms around me and pulled me down on her and kissed me hard and long.I layed on her kissing her my cock still in her for a long time.She finally said." I would love to stay like this all night but it's getting late".I walked her to her room because it was late she seemed dazed and all she said was see you tomorrow.Cathy,Rose and I spent the last two days of the trip together.Cathy never said anything about our night and I could never get her alone to talk to her.When we got home we said our goodbyes.I didn't get her phone number so I couldn't call her.
I don't want to bore you with the details right now but I did get in touch with her.That's another story for later.
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