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A few years ago I ran into an old neighbor of my first wife at the Mall.Her name is Carol .We all lived in the same neighborhood and I can remember Carol was one of the thirtysomething woman in the neighborhood.I first saw her when I was about 15 years old.She was hot.I guess she was about 30 to 35 years old. Gorgeous MILF. I had a lot of fantasies about her. I think she started my mature fetish.I started noticing all the other MILFS around that time .My first wife was my age and Carol's next store neighbor. In the summer Carol always wore blouses that she tied up under her tits,short shorts that JUST covered her ass and the shorts waist was just below her belly button,with sexy high solid heel open back slippers.I never forgot Carol. After my marriage broke up I met a woman 15 years older and married her. Maybe a substitute for Carol,ya think. Carol always had a models figure even when she got older.I used to see her when I would visit my friends.We could always hold a pleasant conversation and I still had fantasies. The last time I saw her she was about 50 years old ,more conservatively dressed but still hot. We were chatting for a couple of minutes when she looked at her watch.I thought she had to leave.Instead she asked me if I had time for lunch,so we could talk some more.I said, I have all day.We caught up ,her husband died about 5 years earlier and I was divorced again about 8 years earlier.I figure Carol to be about 70 to maybe 75 years old.As I looked at her I thought she still looks good for that age. She told me she always enjoyed our talks and that I was still a very handsome man.I got a little flustered and blurted out ,you've always been and still are a hot woman. I said ,I'm sorry I just always had a crush on you.I hope I didn't insult you. She said, not at all,that's very flattering.We talked for a few more minutes and Carol said soooo you have all day do you? As she gave me a side look and smiled sheepishly.Yeap all day, all night.She said, how 'bout we go to my place, I have an apartment close by. Sure I said. We got to her apartment,she opened the door,walked in ahead of me.I closed the door looking around the room,very nice place, I said.She turned, faced me ,put her arms around my neck and pulled me in to her. She looked into my eyes and said do you want to see how hot I am.I sure do, I said.She started kissing me, our tongues twirling around in my mouth. Carol's face differently looked aged but as I felt her body with my hands and pressing against me she still felt pretty firm. She pulled my tshirt off and started kissing my chest stopping at my nipple to lick and kiss it. My pants were getting tight. I unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. We went back to an embrace and kissing. I was running my hands on her back and was surprised how smooth her skin was. Carol reached down started undoing my pants,then pulled them down dropping them to my ankles, leaving my underpants on.She reached down to cup my balls and slid her hand up my already hard cock.Her head snapped back, looked down,then reached into my underpants,grabbed my cock and said, boy you have grown up haven't you? I undid her bra, pulled it over her shoulder and off to the floor.I stepped back to admire what I always wanted.Her tits were beautiful.I'm guessing 36's ,a little sag,nice size nipples, As I kissed them I was amazed how smooth her tits were. She pulled my cock out,stroking it with her hand. I bent down kissing my way from her tits to her little pot belly,still smooth.I was shocked she was wearing pink bikini underwear instead of granny panties. I put my hands on her amazing firm ass and started kissing her pussy through her panties. I could feel the pussy hair as I kissed. I love a hairy pussy.She was breathing heavy as I kissed her pussy. She was really enjoying what I was doing so I kept kissing her pussy and squeezing her ass. After a while she put her hands under my jaws, pulled me up , put her hands on my chest and pushed me to arms length. She put her arms to her sides and said I'm not as good as I was back in the day, but what do you think for a 70 year old. I said you are still my fantasy come true and still damn hot. Carol bent down pulled my underpants down and began sucking my cock. She was sucking and stroking my cock,I felt like a teenager getting lucky with the hot mature woman I always fantasied about. I reached down and started fondling her tits. Squeezing them and playing with her nipples. She stopped sucking for a second and said pinch my nipples ,I like them pinched. They will get really hard if you do. So I started pinching and pulling at the nipples .She was right they got really hard and she was moaning in pleasure.I wanted to eat her pussy so bad but I was really enjoying the blow job. She seemed to enjoy especially sucking on the head of my dick,I know I was enjoying it.She stopped sucking, stood up and asked me what I wanted to do next. That's easy I said eat your pussy. Where do you want me she said. Let me get these panties off you first. I pulled the panties down over her sweet ass revealing her hairy pussy.I started kissing and rubbing my mouth on her soft pussy hair. I could smell her sweet pussy juice and feel the heat coming from it. She put her hands on my head and pushed into her cunt.ooooooooooooh my she said,that's nice. After a while I asked her to sit in a nearby chair so that I could get between her legs and eat her pussy. She responded immediately and sat in the chair with her sexy legs apart waiting for my mouth. I got on my knees, opened her legs wider and began to lick her pussy through the hair.My tongue found her clit. I leaned back a little,spread the hair to expose this very nice shaped clit. I licked and sucked it . It grew a little as I licked. Her pussy smelled great. Carol started moaning loudly oooooooooooooh SHIT THAT IS OH SHIT THATS AMAZING. She pushed my head down on her pussy.OOOOOH SUCK THAT CLIT BABY SUCK IT SUCK IIIIIT. YES. You have to stop she said I need to fuck right now. My cock was ready to fuck. She got up turned leaned forward and grabbed the arms of the chair. WOW doggy style standing up. I grabbed her hips and thrushed my cock hard up inside her cunt .She yelled OOOOOH YEAH THAT'S IT FUCK ME HARD I LIKE IT HARD.I fucked her hard for a long time ,it seemed the harder I banged her the more she enjoyed it. I was getting ready to cum. My cock was bulging inside her cunt. She yelled out, I'M GOING TO CUM ,CUM WITH ME.Two strokes later I blasted the inside of her cunt with my cum.OOOOOOOOOOOOh MY GOD.she yelled. I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE ME . OOOOOOHHHHH MY GOD FUCK ME I'M CUMMING, as she thrust her pussy hard on my cock. She reached between her legs and grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard.I stopped my self for yelling out. Then she pulled her cunt away from cock and sat down on the chair.She looked at my dripping cock smiling then looked up at me and said I quess you can tell I like rough sex. Yeah I sorta thought that. I looked down at her pussy, my cum was dripping out of her cunt and on to the chair. She reached down wiped my cum up with her hand, spread some on her nipples and the rest she sucked off with her mouth. How bout a beer ,she said. Sure. I sat down on her couch, she brought us a beer and sat next to me . She took my arm and put it around shoulder and leaned against me.Her warm naked skin felt so good against mine. We sat there a little while ,then she started stroking my cock kissing and bitting my nipples. As my cock was getting hard she climbed on my lap, rubbing her pussy hair against my cock.It felt so nice.Then she stood up on the couch and pushed her pussy into my face. I began kissing and licking her still wet pussy. She pushed in harder and said, get that clit and start bitting it. Isucked on her clit to pull it out more then I bit down on it. She yelled at me HARDER YOU BITCH, HARDER, BIT IT LIKE A MAN . Wow. She repeated yes yes yes over and over. She then told me to spank her ass.I spanked both sides of her ass as I bit on her clit.She said ,that's it spank this bad girl hard. Then she pulled away, slid back down and said bit my nipples hard . I bit on her nipples until they were red.She got off me and said follow me.She grabbed my cock hard and d**g me to the bedroom by my cock.She sat on the bed up against the head board she said stand on the bed and stick your dick in my mouth. I put my dick in her mouth,let's see if she likes this rough.So I shoved my cock in and out of her mouth hard. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved in harder. She loved it.She pushed me away and said now you're getting the hang of it,just do it.But I still like begging for it. Next she layed on her back ,put her knees up and said come over here and fuck me again. I got between her legs positioned my cock at her cunt hole and shoved it in hard. She screamed YES. I fucked her cunt as hard as I could. As I was fucking her she grabbed me by the ass and pulled me hard into her to stop me .She then let out a scream OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD I'M CUMMING. Then I felt this warm wet feeling on my cock, I could feel her cunt juices flowing out over my cock and balls.What a feeling, it's indescribable.We layed with my cock still in her and she said to me,were any of your fantasies like that. Not even close I,said.I stayed around and we talked for a while.When I left she made me promise we would do this again and she would show me more of her bad side. I promised it wouldn't be long.

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Dirty old bitch. You lucky bastard.
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go Carol...