Finally I Fuck Judy

Judy called and asked me to come over the next morning.When I got there she said follow me .I followed her to her bedroom where she dropped her robe and started helping me to get undressed, rather in a hurry. She told me to lie on the bed and she climbed on after me and strattled my face with her pussy while she began to suck my cock.I licked her clit and pussy lips.I pushed up to suck on her clit.As I was sucking her clit I heard her say,stick your tongue in my cunt.So I did. As I was fucking her with my tongue she told me push in deeper and wiggle it inside her cunt.Then she told me to stick my fingers in her cunt, get them nice and wet and shove it in her asshole but don't stop eating me. As I did this she started pushing her pussy harder down on my face.She started moaning more and more. She then let out a yell ooooooooooooh my god. I could feel her cunt juices dripping down my chin . As I licked and sucked as much of her cunt juice as I could Judy started sucking my cock harder, faster and stroking it. I could only hold off cumming for it seemed like seconds. I shot my cum into her mouth and again she sucked up every drop. Judy fell on the bed next to me. She said that was fantastic. We layed there for a few minutes,then she moved close to my side and layed with her arm across my chest.I thought to my self ,are we done. Judy lifted her head and said,I want to fuck you now.Are you alright with that or do you need some time.No I'm alright let's get to fucking.She threw her leg over me and stood up on the bed.Then she squatted down,grabbed my cock,that was semi hard and started rubbing it on her clit,her pussy lips and around her cunt hole.As she pushed her cunt hole down on to my cock I could feel the wetness and warmth of her cunt on my cock. She got on top of me and started riding my cock,in and out her juicy pussy.She leaned forward so I could suck on her tits.As she rode my cock she went faster and faster.I was sucking on her hard nipples,she started going ohohohohohohoh my fuck me ,fuck me hard.,fuck me yes fuck me fuck my pussy.OH OH OH OH OH FUCKING YEAH I'M CUMMING,I'M CUMMING OH MY WORD I'M CUMMING.As she settled down she then got off me turned around with her ass facing me grabbed my cock and shoved it back into her dripping wet pussy.She was sliding her pussy up and down my swollen cock,I put my hands on her ass helping her slide on my cock.I had to play with her asshole so I started rubbing it with my thumbs.She moaned in pleasure.Again OH OH OH OH OH OH FUCK ME ,FUCK ME.YES YES YES FUCK THAT PUSSY.Oh my I'm going to cum again she said in a soft voice.FUCK ME FUCK ME.OH MY OOOOOOOH SHIT I'M CUMMING.FUCK ME.My thumbs were pushing into asshole.I could feel her cum running down my balls to my ass.OOOOH my ,that was fucking great.You are a fucking pervert and I love it.Judy got off me and layed beside me.Then she turned to me and said I want your cum inside my pussy,I'll bet you have a lot to shot by now.You know it,I said.She layed on her back and spread her legs. As I climbed between her legs she raised them straight up in the air. She said put your cock in my cunt and grab my ankles and fuck me until you cum.I slid my cock in and out of her pussy,slidding in as far as I could go and out until just my cock head just touched the rim of her hole.I kept doing this until I shot this huge load of cum into her pussy.Judy said OH MY I can feel your cum hitting me inside,it's so hot and your head is throbbing.OOOOOOH that feels so good.I finished, collapsed on to bed beside her. The cum was still dripping from my cock.Judy saw it and said oh we can't waste any of that.She started sucking my cock getting every drop of my cum.Then she stood over me and let my cum drip out of her cunt on to my dick.Then she got down and licked up all my cum. She said your cum tastes great mixed with my cum.She told me we would do this again and she will think of some more pervert things to do.I left her lying on the bed rubbing her hands on her body,she said ,go, I just want to lay her and enjoy the feeling. I left, my cock still tingling remembering how good Judy's pussy felt,looking forward to the next time.
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love it!