first encounter continued

Judy kept sucking my cock taking a break to stroke it ,kiss up and down and around the tip,massaging and licking my balls,even running her finger over my asshole.She was driving me crazy, it was great.She was sucking my cock like a mad woman.Ididn't know how long I could hold off my cum.I told her if she kept it up I was going to cum in her mouth.She stopped sucking ,looked up at me and said what do you think i'm doing this for ,my health? You had better cum in my mouth and soon my knees won't last forever.She went back to sucking .Then she started just sucking the head of my cock.Sliding her mouth over my balloning cock head I knew I would cum soon.As she sucked in and out on my cock head with her lips I Finally shot a huge load of cum into her mouth.She immediately clapped her mouth tight around my cock and began to suck every drop of my cum into her mouth and swallow it.She didn't
miss a drop.She sucked until there was nothing left.Then she kept kissing and sucking my cock until my knees got weak and I had to sit down.I told her that was the best blowjob I ever had.She said you tell me if anyone does you any better and I will do even better the next time.She then untied her robe and said as she open it,and the next time we get together your going to return the favor and suck on my pussy.As she dropped her robe she said how's this body for a 65 year old.It is gorgeous.Nice rounded tits,not every big but nice, nice hard nipples,a little spare tire and a nice hairy pussy.Very nice.She said I can shave my pussy if you want,NO I like hairy pussy. I got up and started kissing her and running my hands over her tits,nipples and down to her pussy.Then around to her nice plump ass and back around to her pussy.I then started kissing her neck down to her tits and nipples sucking on those nice hard nipples.She let me do this for a while.Then she pushed me back and said Iam enjoying the fuck out of this and I want much much more but I want it for our next meeting.I will enjoy imaging what you are going to do to me.We kissed and I left.Can't wait for her to call me back.
more stories to come and I will get back to Judy.
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