My new roommate from Iraq

I live in a rather large apartment and from time to time I rent out the guest room. A friend asked me if I hade a room left for a friend of his. A very nice Young guy from Iraq. I said yes but only if he has a job and can pay his rent.
So, yesterday evening i was out with some friends for dinner and this guy should come by so we could go home together. And pretty late when i had to many beers he finally showed up with a friend who drove him and we Went home.
He´s very cute, 25 years old, slender with a nice smile, dark Eyes but not the kind of guy I fall for, a bit to feminine for me.
Anyway, he was hungry and i showed him to his room while I prepared dinner for him.
He came out in his underwear and a singlet and asked if it was ok to walk around like this, I never mind how people are dressed here at my house and told him so. I have a thing for hairy legs and his was covered with thick fur but he only had a Little chest hair
He had his dinner and wine and we started talking and drinking even more wine until we both got rather d***k. I said good night and Went to bed and he also Went to bed in his room.
I fell asl**p immediately but woke up after a few hours that someone was spooning me. He was lying there tightly behind my back with his arm around me I smiled and fell asl**p again.
After a few hours i woke up again and felt that he had a hard on rubbing my back. I had a hardon as well and his hand was rubbing my cock. i flipped around on my back and let him take my cock in his mouth. I can tell you that he´s a great sucker and swallowed it whole all the way down even if I´m concidered "big".
He pulled down his underwear and showed me a very nice cut, rockhard cock. Not very big but Beautiful in shape with trimmed pubes. I started to suck his dick as well and we ended up in a 69 with him on top. He started fucking my thropoat while he sucked my dick and after a while I started to lick his hary butt. I´ve always loved a hairy ass and this was more than hairy and I really ate him while he was moaning loudly and begged me to fuck him. Normally I´m a bottom but with age I tend to top as well, especially Young and cute arabs but they rarely let you fuck them.
I really felt that i had to give him a go and he placed him self on all four on the floor and begged me.
I put on a condom and started to lick his hairy ass. I spitted on his asshole and places my dick head to his hole and pushed it all the way in to the root. He screamed and begged me to be gentle. I just felt "NO MERCY" and fucked him really hard while he was screaming and moaning with pleasure. I wanked his dick at the same time I was fucking and to see my dick sliding in and out in that hairy ass made me come in a few minutes, he moaned very loudly and shot a big load on the rug. Both where exhausted after this and fell down on the floor side by side, both with a smile on our faces. We Went up and took a shower together , I fixed breakfast and we only smiled to eachother and hardly didn´t speak at all. He got dressed and Went to work with the words "see you tonight" and a big smile.
This happend this morning and it´s all true and no fake and I´m really looking forward to see what´s going to happen tonight.
Is it poosible that he turned me into a top?
100% (10/0)
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9 months ago
No. Tonight's his turn!!!!!!