sex with PE teacher [fantasy]


I've always fancied my PE teacher from high school. she was a blonde about 5 ft 11 and even though she had only B cups she had the most amazing ass anyone would love. you could even see it when she wore sweats but most of the time she wore tight shorts. she was also incredibly cute with sky blue eyes and a lovely white smile. all the guys liked her but they all said her breasts were too small...k**s these days...anyway this story is about when i finally got to be with her.

i was on the school basketball team even though i'm only 6 ft 2 i was pretty good. she didn't coach us but was always at training watching us. i made sure i was at the top of my game to impress her. usually afterwards when the players are heading back to the locker rooms i stop to ask her about my progress, just to talk to her.

but one day it all usual the other players were clearing out of the gym and i went over to talk to her. today was especially hot and she was in the tightest shortest top and shorts i ever saw. it took great power not to look at her sexy form leaning against the wall smiling at me. half-way into the conversation i finally can't hold it anymore and glance a peak at her breasts and legs and tried to get a view of her ass. just barely.

i think she caught me because she turned her head to the side and smiled and said "what are you looking at?" i figured it was now or never so i boldly said "your nice legs". she smiled back and there was no hiding that red blush from those milky cheeks. "why thank you" she said and stepped closer to me. i was already semi hard from just being so close to her. damn it i wanted her...

the sun had hidden behind some clouds, allowing a cool refreshing air to pass over us. she stuck her chest out to cool down and i got hotter just then. my loose little basketball shots had no chance of hiding my erection from her. she instantly looked down and saw it pointing up at her. saying nothing, she smiled at me and blushed again. "someone getting excited?" i nodded and blushed too, holding my head down to hide when i see a slight damp on her shorts and her legs glistening with her pussy juices. "I'm not the only one" i said in a sultry tone.

"i just broke up with my boyfriend and a girl has needs". she giggled at her own joke and stepped closer to me, putting her hand on my shoulder. "maybe i can help with that" i replied and put my hands on her hips. she just smiles and pules me into the weight room then pushes me down to sit on the bench. she straddled my legs and wraps her arms around my neck. "I'd like that" she smiled and kissed me. i kissed her back and kept the kiss going. she grinds her wet pussy on my hardening bulge and i thrust it up against her.

i wasted no time i quickly lifts her top off her and her bra. i take a nipple in my mouth and suck on it causing her to let out gasped moans and grind into my faster. "oh god yes!" she moaned and tossed her head back in pleasure. i slid a finger into her shorts and rubbed the pad of my finger on her clit. she wasn't wearing any panties. she then stood up and pulled her shorts down. her pussy was dripping wet and already ready for a good fuck. she then pulled down my shorts and straddled my cock. it slid up her pussy with a some resistance from a tight
pussy that only made her moan more.

i kissed her to keep her quiet and holding her by her hips and lifts that petite yet highly sexy body up and down my pulsing cock like she was a toy. she moaned in the kiss and pushed her breasts on my chest to compress them. i fucked her harder and she kissed back equally as hard as soon we got into a rhythm where when i pull her down on my cock she moans and kisses me. her pussy walls get tighter around my cock and she bites my bottom lip, moaning in extacy then cums all around my hard dick. i fuck her through her orgasm and she whips her hair all over and thrash violently as her long overdue orgasm rips through her. she then goes limp and i fuck her near lifeless body till i cum inside her. our cum leaks from her pussy when i take my cock out and he get dressed again. she kisses me and tells me "see you tomorrow after training. dont wear boxers this time" i smile and say "dont wear a bra next time" we kiss one last time then leave one by one as to not draw suspicion. THE END!

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