My Buddy's Wife

My buddy Tony had been away working for just over a month. Early one Friday evening his wife Tammy called me saying she had a plumbing issue. I told her I'm no plumber but I'll take a look and see if I can help. When I met Tammy at the door my cock immediately began to grow. H36 D tits were bulging out from under a thin cotton shirt and her nipples were both " aroused ". We shot the shit for a bit then she offered me a beer. As she got up to head to the fridge I noticed a wet spot on the coach. Looking out to the kitchen I noticed a matching wetspot on her denim skirt. This got my pulse racing, I could feel precum oozing from my rock hard cock. As I sipped on the ice cold beer all I could think is I'd be masturbating on the drive home.
We had another beer and shot the shit some more. Then Tammy stood in front of me hiked her skirt up revealing her soaking wet pussy and said " can you help me with this "? My head was spinning, was this really happening? My hands reached around and grabbed her ass as my tongue slid up between her hot lips. I teased a bit then pulled back and said I was pretty sure I could help her. We headed to the bedroom and immediately began to 69. We both came pretty quick but that was just the beginning. Luckily for me (and for her) I usually stay hard after I cum. We continued licking and sucking each other for almost an hour. Then I layed her on her back and slid my cock inside her soggy pussy. We fucked like a****ls until we collapsed, soaked in cum and sweat. We layed fondling for a bit, kissing, touching each other. Next Tammy took me by the hand and led me to the shower.
After cleaning each other and a quick fuck we got out and grabbed another beer. It was kind of weird sitting there wrapped in a towel with my buddy's wife. We headed back to the bedroom. I had her lay back while I plunged between her thighs. I barely got going good when the phone rang, as I went to pull away Tammy put a hand on my head pushing me back down. She answered the phone so I made sure to avoid her clit and lick very slowly. It was Tony on the phone, he asked if I had come by to fix the plumbing. She said " he's working on it right now ". Then she tells him she's very horny and wants to have phone sex. She describes what I'm doing to her as if it's Tony doing it. This is my cue to let loose. My tongue licks wildly, flicking at her clit. I slide 2 fingers inside her, my tongue still licking and flailing. Tammy cums violently again and again , she is moaning and panting.
My cock can't wait any longer , it wants in that hot hole. I bring her almost to the point of cumming, then rise up and slither up her body. With one very fast motion I bury my cock all the way inside her. She cums hard and moans into the phone. I bury my face in a pillow to muffle my moans and she makes it a point to get louder. After a few awesome orgasms I roll myself off Tammy and lay beside her exhausted. She chats with Tony a bit longer as she strokes my gooey cock, licking her fingers now and again. As soon as they hang up she takes my cock in her mouth and gives me an over the top epic blowjob. Deep throat, rimming, balls in her mouth, she did everything. Afterward she cuddled up against me and asked me to stay. I said sure thinking I shouldn't drive after a few beers anyway(and thinking I might get a piece in the morning too).
Tammy goes out into the kitchen and returns with a glass of rum and coke for each of us. She says since you're staying we might as well have something decent to drink. Tammy looks me in the eyes and says Tony can never know about this, I tell her not to worry. We cuddled up, fondling and kissing a bit and drifted off to sl**p. I ended up spending the entire weekend with her, it was crazy in a great way. I left from there Monday morning and headed to work. Later that day I get a call from Tony asking how my weekend was and asked if anything exciting happened. I told him I had had a great weekend and told him everything except who it all was with. He proceeded to tell me about his epic phone sex with Tammy saying " you were in the house fixing the plumbing while she was phone fucking me" and he said " it was unreal, it was like she was actually being fucked she was so into it". We shot the shit and then said catch ya later. I hung up and called Tammy. She answered the phone by saying see ya next Friday night, I said my thoughts exactly, see you then.

.....To Be Continued
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Very nice
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great story
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great story i love it
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terrific story, I would certainly love to have it happen to me