Cross Country ( Fantasy )

A good friend of mine was moving to the west coast. Being in the moving business I offered to do their move at cost. We loaded their belongings Sunday and I would be leaving Monday, meeting them in BC the following weekend. Ralph and the f****y were planning to fly out on Saturday. His daughter Kim asked if she could go with me and see the sights along the way. We all agreed that would be fine and we left early Monday morning. Having known the entire f****y for a very long time I knew Kim would be a fun companion along the way, joking, carrying on and such. Our first day was pretty much your average day on the road, we nade excellent time since my new best friend made sandwiches for lunch as I drove. We talked and told jokes, the time seemed to fly. Around nine that night we pulled into a truck-stop to park. Not requiring any of its services we parked and sat in the bunk watching TV for a bit. I then pulled the top bunk into position and Kim climbed up while I layed back in the lower bunk. I like to sl**p naked so I waited until after Kim was settled and slid my clothes off.

I was a bit horny but didn't figure I could get off without getting caught. I tossed and turned for a while and was pretty much settled when I heard her voice. Kim said softly " I want to sl**p in your bunk ". I told her you can't I'm naked ! She said playfully it's ok, so am I and she pulled off her T-shirt dropping it on the floor. I can only barely see her in the moonlight as she pulls back my blanket and climbs in over me. She cuddles up to me resting her head on my shoulder and a hand on my chest and says goodnight. I go from kinda horny to raging horny, I can feel my hard cock pressing against Kim's leg and it is leaking pre-cum. I can also feel her smooth wet pussy against my leg. Kim begins to slowly rub her hand on my chest. My mind is racing, she has to feel my cock and wetness. Do I stop this? Should I go for it? Before I can decide we are kissing. I allow my hand to casually brush over her ass. Kim slid her hand down and touched my throbbing wet cock. I nibbled on her boobs as she whispered in my ear " I want you to be my first ". I kissed her passionately and held her tight in my arms.

Kim had turned eightteen a few months earlier, I had thought she'd lost her virginity years ago. I got up, kneeled in front of the bunk and had Kim lay back. Knowing it was about to get hot in there I turned the A/C on high. I then fell between her legs and began to eat that sweet wet pussy. My cock was like a lead pipe. I licked Kim through several small orgasms, she was soaked and moaning. I knew I had to get her even wetter if I was gonna get my cock inside her extremely tight pussy. I continued eating her, at one point I thought I'd cum myself as her hot cum poured into my mouth. I climbed into the bunk and in one motion slid my cock all the way inside her. Her nails tore at my back as the pain and pleasure shot through her, my cock released it's buildup. I kiss her beautiful face and we begin making love. Knowing her pussy is sore I move very slowly taking short strokes. We kiss and touch each other, Kim smiles at me and says I knew I picked the right man to deflower me. Afterward we lay cuddled like we started out and drift off to sl**p.

I wake up the next morning wondering how I'm going to tell a great friend that I've been with his daughter. We head inside for breakfast and a shower, Kim says no point paying for two showers and we head down the hall. We kiss and fondle a bit in the shower and then head for breakfast. Afterward we hit the road. Another typical day, we do a bit of sightseeing, stopping a few times at look offs and taking pictures. Kim decides to lay down for a bit as we cruise through one of the boring legs of the trip. We continue chit chatting and I hear her voice begin to change. I peek back to see her laying there with her Jeans unzipped and her hand inside. My cock gets rock hard instantly, I decide to let her enjoy herself and I continue driving. After cumming a few times she wipes off and makes our lunch. She eats hers immediately but leaves mine in the fridge insisting that I wait to eat it next time we stop. About an hour later we pull into a rest area. I'm not even stopped and she is pulling my zipper down. As I eat my lunch Kim takes my cock in her mouth and sucks it like a pro. I shoot a hot load of cum down her throat and finish my lunch.

The rest of the trip is similar, we make love each night and fool around a bit throughout the day. On the last day Kim tells me she wants to get a CDL and drive team with me. I kiss her softly and say that's a great idea. Later when we get to Ralph's new place she tells the f****y her plan. They are surprised by her decision to drive truck but support it. We ate dinner with them that night and afterward headed east for a reload. That night my new co-driver made me cum like never before. The next morning I started training her. Over the next several days she learned what she needed to know. Then we hit the books so she could pass the written test. It was a great refresher for me going back over the rules and our study breaks were very orgasmic. I always thought she would grow tired of me and move on, it's been over six years now and we're still having a blast on the road.

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3 years ago
Great story. Team driving would be great with her as a partner. Thanks for posting.