Red Eye ( Fantasy )

I had been visiting relatives on the west coast for about a week and a half. I hadn't gotten laid and since I was staying in their home hadn't gone through my usual masturbation ritual. I got on the plane at 9:30 ( 1:30 at home ) there was no one in about the last six rows. I always sit near the rear so I was thinking this is great. I'll have a row to myself, which I did. We had a stop after 1 hr of flying to drop off and pick up passengers. Of course I'm hoping not too many, I would still enjoy a row to myself. We were left with about the same amount as before, still no one near the rear. As we leveled out I reclined my seat and slid my shoes off. Knowing full well I wouldn't sl**p I closed my eyes and relaxed. I drifted off and not knowing for how long, checked my watch. We still had a lot of ground left to cover. I decided that now was a good time to release my tension. Easing forward a bit in the seat I slid my pants down a bit. My cock was throbbing as I thought what if I get caught. I started stroking slowly, keeping an eye out for anyone passing by. As precum started oozing from my swollen cock I began to stroke it faster. After several minutes my cock was getting very wet, I could hear the stewardesses giggling. I wondered if they heard my muffled gasps for breath or maybe they heard the sloshing sound of my wet cock in my hand. The thought turned me on, my cock got even harder, oozing more precum out. Just as I was ready to cum I noticed Cindy, one of the stewardesses standing by my row. I didn't stop, I couldn't stop. My hot cum sprayed from my cock, mmm it felt so good. I licked off my fingers and proceeded to put my still throbbing cock back in my pants.

Thinking I would be banned from the airlane or perhaps from flying all together made me a bit nervous but thinking about her watching me cum made me hot. Moments later Cindy came along and sat beside me, hiking her skirt up as she sat. She leaned over and told me that all three of them were fingering themselves as they listened to me. We were giggling because we were wondering how many others heard you she said. As we talked she reached inside my pants and stroked my cock. Her other hand rubbed her sopping wet pussy. I leaned over and kissed her neck, my hand slipped inside her shirt. Then I leaned further and started sucking on her nipples. It was an awkward position but it worked. I could tell Cindy was close, I sucked even harder on her tits. I kissed her hard to muffle the moans as we both came. I aimed my cock so my cum would land on her pussy. She stood partly and sat on my lap, taking my cock inside her. We wiggled around gently trying not to be obvious. Before long my hot cum was pumping into her sweet hole. As I moaned I felt like someone was there. I looked and the other two girls were watching. Cindy and I traded numbers, she told me that she'd call the next time they had a layover in my City which was usually twice a month. We still had some time left in our flight so my new friend sat cuddled up to me for a bit.

When we landed in Halifax I lingered for a bit knowing that they clean and restock the plane before letting on passengers. I told Cindy I wanted to eat her before I go. Her co-workers said go ahead, we can do this. I had her lay across a row of seats and I knelt on the floor in front of her. I knew I didn't have much time so I went at it. I slid 2 fingers in her and began licking wildly. I licked a s fast and hard as I could while thrusting my fingers in and out of her. Before long Cindy's hot cum flowed into my mouth. I made her cum 4 times, then I pulled her to me. Kissing her lips hard I shared her hot cum with her. I had to go, as they opened the door to let me off and others on I greeted the new passengers with Cindy's cum dripping from my face. I meet my buddy Jim who has already gathered my luggage. He asks how my flight was and what's all over my face. I told him the flight was ok and that it must be apple juice on my face. Jim smiles and says apple juice doesn't smell like pussy, knowing he'll get the full story in the car.
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