Kaitlyn came home from work one day, said she met a guy and was interested. I said goodbye ( our relationship was basically over anyway ). We didn't fight, we just didn't love each other. We talked about things, it was like nothing had just happened. No yelling or screaming, no tears or anything of the sort. We lived together and either of us would need some time to move out. We agreed that no-one had to leave, it was very rational. That night we " made lust " it wasn't love but it wasn't just fucking either. It was about the same as always, amazing. We both got off more than once, we 69'd. Nothing was different between us sexually. Kaitlyn always slept cuddled into me and with my cock in her hand. That night was no different. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed and fondled a bit. In the morning we showered together and had sex in the shower. This went on for several nights ( not exactly the same ). Sometimes we fucked, other times we made lust, different positions, rooms etc.

Then it happened. Kaitlyn found a place and was moving. Her move time was in 4 days. That night we fucked like a****ls. We broke the bed, didn't even stop fucking. The matress was on an angle, we wiggled around until it fell flat on the floor. I was fucking Kaitlyn with everything I had. Thrusting hard, fast and deep. My cock was throbbing, sweat was pouring from my forehead. Kaitlyn was cumming numerous times and panting. I felt her body trembling as my cock slipped out. I squirmed around for what seemed like an eternity trying to get back in. Finally I slid back in. Wow I thought, almost no feeling, this means I'm going to last even longer. Kaitlyn's pussy was so wet and slippery there was no friction between it and my cock. We fuck for about 45 minutes longer. Finally my cock decides to give Kaitlyn the hot cum that her pussy has been craving. As I shoot hot cum in her I feel her cum again. As soon as we stop fucking she says "
I was squirting ! That's why you couldn't get back in. I could feel it spraying out of me, you must hit my G-spot " At that moment I realized that I had noticed it before, her cum would be where her feet were and trail back in a spray pattern to the bigger wet spot that formed beneath her pussy. She had squirted quite a few times but never was it as intense as this night. The next two nights were equally passionate but there was no squirting. Kaitlyn ended up leaving a day early. I helped her move her things and spent a couple hours there with her. We fooled around a bit while her new roommate prepared dinner. Kaitlyn took my cock into her mouth then kissed the shaft. We didn't go too far out of respect for the roommate. I left, went home and masturbated, feeling very satisfied that Kaitlyn would never forget the way I licked and fucked her.

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