Through The Window

I had met this chick on the internet. We chatted for a few months, traded naughty pics had phone sex, everything we could possibly do without actually being together. We decided to meet and we chose a time and place to meet the following week. Kaitlyn said " I will suck your cock as soon as we meet " I figured it was just talk and played along. On the night that we met we were in each others company about 5 minutes and my cock was in her mouth. She slurped and sucked on my wet cock ( I tend to emit a lot of precum ) After cumming in her mouth several times I needed to have a piss. I got out of the car and had a leak. Jokingly i walked over to her window and hung my dick in through it. She leaned over and took it in her mouth again. I stood there grinning as Kaitlyn sucked my cock, licking and slurping. After I filled her mouth again I got bnack in the car. I couldn't maneuver to fuck or eat her. So I sucked on her huge tits and fingered her smooth wet pussy. She stroked my cock and we came in unison.

After that we went back to my place and I laid her back and licked that pussy. Licking and nibbling, my hands on her ass pulling my face tighter. As she came I used my tongue as a funnel and drank as much of her juice as I could get. Then I continued licking Kaitlyn's pussy, teasing her clit. Each time she'd cum I'd drink it as before. My cock was throbbing and was more than ready to get in on the action. I slithered up her body, kissing and nibbling on the way. As my cock neared her sopping wet pussy it squeezed its way right inside her. We started slow kissing passionately, sharing each others cum. Picking up the pace little by little and thrusting with a motion that would help me last. Her nails tore at my back as I felt her hot cum all over my cock. This got me going, I started thrusting wildly, deeper and harder. Her legs trembled as she came again. I wanted to last longer so I pulled my cock out for just a few seconds. She was bucvking at it wanting it back in. As I slid my throbbing cock back inside her she came. Then we fucked as fast and hard as we could. Sweat trickled from our bodies, the headb oard was smashing against the wall. I feel her pussy convulse as it releases more cum. I am about ready to explode when another orgasm rushes over her. This one puts me over the edge and my hot cum starts spraying inside her.

I manage to stay hard long enough to give her one more orgasm. As I pull out of her cum runs from her wonderful pussy. My cock isn't ready for more but I know kaitlyn can cum a few more times at least. I dive between her legs, her pussy is drenched and very gooey. I begin to lick our juices from her inner thighs. I can feel her orgasm building, my tongue finds her honey hole, cum still leaking from it. I lick her like there's no tommorow. Her body shakes violently as i have yet another taste of her. I lick her clit fast and hard. My tongue flicking and flailing. I keep licking her clit as she screams with ecstacy. I let her cum run down her inner thighs this time. Then I move down and lick up as much of it as I can. My tongue teases her asshole just a bit.

My cock is hard again by now so I decide we will fuck for her final orgasm. I get in position and Kaitlyn grabs my hips pulling me into her. We only fuck for about 2 minutes and we are both cumming. We lay in each others arms toatally exhausted. Kaitlyn falls asl**p with my cock in her hand, a very sensual feeling. We took a trip and ended up becoming a couple. The sex was great and we had a few things in common but it didn't work out. We still talk and agree that when we are both single we are friends with benefits. One of the best nights we ever had together was after we broke up.

To Be Continued......

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3 years ago
made me horny, tell you what
3 years ago
yes indeend very good
3 years ago
very good