Fooled by twins

As I finished cooking dinner I anxiously awaited the arrival of my 18 year old girlfriend Kendra ( I'm 39 ). She was built quite well, a very sweet girl and she loves to please me in every way possible. As the clock whirred toward seven my cock actually started getting hard, just in anticipation of seeing her. The pasta was nearly done, chocolate torte in the refrigerator and an assortment of candles burning throughtout the place, the mood was certainly set. I heard the front door open and as I looked toward it I see Kendra's twin s****r Deanna standing there. She flings her arms open and says hey baby. I bite my tongue, not knowing why she is here in Kendra's place I decide to play along. The only real difference between the two of them is that Deanna is about 10 pounds heavier which is just enough to make her boobs just a hint bigger. We kiss and embrace, then head into the dining room where dinner awaits. We enjoy some small talk about how each of our day was during dinner. I also throw in a few ideas about what I will do to her afterward. I notice her squirming a bit in her chair as I explain in detail how I will work my tongue all over her body. After eating I grab desert from the fridge and motion for her to follow me.

We head into my bedroom and I set the two plates on the edge of the hot tub. I can tell she is nervous as I slowly undress her, kissing and touching as I go. I can only assume that she had planned to stop me at some point. I undress myself and we climb into the hot tub. We eat our desert slowly, the candle light flickering her body glowing. My cock was raging hard. I purposely spilled some chocolate sauce on her right boob being sure it runs over the nipple. Without hesitation I move my mouth over her nipple and lick up the chocolate. She moans a bit and then does the same to her left one. At this point I know that she is all in. I move to the left boob and clean the chocolate from it. Playfully I tell her I'll go get another piece of torte so we can spill some sauce on her bare pussy. As we get out of the hot tub and begin drying off Kendra ( Deanna that is ) grabs a hold of my cock and starts stroking it very gently. We kiss passionately.

As she lies across my satin tiger print sheets, I admire her body, then begin to ravish it. My tongue flicks and flails. I bite rub and squeeze her entire body. I eat her until she nearly passes out. My cock is aching to be inside her and she too aches for it. As I slide inside her tight pussy an orgasm rips through her. I start out very slowly, kissing and nibbling on her neck, long slow strokes. As I pick up the pace her moaning gets louder and louder. After what seems like hours we lay in each others arms exhausted. We kiss and caress each other gently. After relaxing for a bit Deanna slithers around and takes my cock into her mouth. She works it like a pro, sucking and licking until my cock pumps her mouth full of tasty cum. We make love again and fall asl**p entangled in each other.

In the morning we go at it again and afterward I invite her to shower with me. We wash each other and tease a bit and share a few kisses. As I'm sitting with Deanna standing before me drying off I decide it's time to ask. I look up at her and say " Why are you here and not Kendra " ? She looks at me sort of sheepishly and says, Oh my god, when did you realize it was me? I tell her I knew it was her and not Kendra the moment she walked in. She sat on my lap, put her arms around me and kissed me softly. I asked her again why she was here in Kendra's place. Well... ummmm she said, we kind of made a bet. Kendra bet me that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between us. I wasn't supposed to actually sl**p with you but after what you described during dinner I was too turned on to stop myself. As we sat there naked Kendra walks in. I grabbed for a towel and shouted dammit Deanna at least you could knock.

Kendra grinned and said haha, I told you so, now pay up s*s. Deanna sat grinning evilly and I did my best fake stutter as I said " wait a minute, what the hell is going on here " ? This time Kendra goes on to explain their little bet. By now Deanna has moved from my lap and gotten dressed. Kendra looks at Deanna and says I knew you would sl**p with him, I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist. Deanna says you're not mad ? To which Kendra replies not at all. I am still in somewhat of a state of shock at that moment. Deanna says well then how would you feel about sharing him full time? I nearly fell off the bed hearing that. And Kendra's answer shocked me even more. No problem s*s, you can have him anytime I'm not with him. I am exasperated, I can't talk or even think. Is this a dream? Did I just hear that? This would be that beginning of a great thing.
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2 years ago
wow u get to live a fantasy! Congrats dude
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago