road trip in INDIA

I am from INDIA and for my indian freinds i have added hindi text and english too............

well as it happened i had to go out of town for some work and since i was travelling alone in my car i carried my bra n panty with me. i had to go to delhi and i got free around 9 pm and i started the drive back to my place abt 3-4 hrs drive on the way ii stopped on the out skirts of Delhi on a dark road and went behind bushes and wore my bra and put soft cloth pads in it then i wore my lace panty and put my jeans back on . on top i wore my t shirt which was now tight coz of the fake boobs( i wear bra size 38 D so i can get big boobs shape) and i was feeling so horny i just masturbated in the road side.
then i got back in car and put on the AC and rolled up the windows ( light tints ) so if i got in traffic no one will notice a guy having boobs.

On the way i had a beer ( i drank too fast ) n again i was horny i jus wanted the 1st guy i met to fuck me , i thought maybe i will get lucky late in the night n i removed my pads n bra n with t shirt on i went to a chemist and purchase a pack of condoms. i had another beer before moving on and wore my bra n padded it again

i drove for about an hour n a half

then i passed a restaurant at around 11 pm where i usually stop for food, it was closed but the washrooms are on one side and always open 24hrs. seeing no one is around and restaurant is closed i thought i will go in as i am ( that is dressed as a girl ) into the ladies toilet .

i parked the car in a corner where there was no street light and again i checked around- no one . i got out of car and i was suddenly very scared but tht made me so horny. i looked around i thought i saw some movement in a corner of the building , i waited for a few minutes but saw nothing then i went towards ladies toilet and decided to go to gents toilet only just in case some one came and relieved my bladder.

i was so excited i forgot to check before coming out and as i opened the door the watchman was standing right in front of me . i got so scared i was almost trembling and thinking what to do .
his spontaneous reaction was ' Namaste madam" that made me feeling a little less nervous thinking he did not reconise tht i am a guy. But then i noticed he was staring at my face and my boobs. he was a guy around 27 yrs old i think clean shaved and not the typical watchman but an average looking guy.

i just blurted out namste and started walking to my car i did not know what to do. i was about 10 ft away from him when he called out ' Suniye"(Listen) i said ' kya hai'(Yes what) without turning around. he asked ' are you traveling alone ' i said 'yes- why' he said ' he said ' aap gents toilet mein gaye the par ye kya "(You are a girl but you used the mens room) pointing to my boobs . i got scared tht i have been busted , i said ' bas kabhi labhi pehan leta hoon'( Yes i am a guy i just like to dress up sometimes) there was no point denying and now .

he straightaway asked ' choo kar dekhon( can i touch n see ) , i said OK , i started getting horny hearing that
he fondled my fake boobs n i cud see he liked it . He suddenly lift my t shirt over my face to reveal the padded bra and fondled my booobs

i pulled down my t shirt and said ' kya kar rahe ho mujhe jaane doo"(wht are u doing let me go ). but i didnt want to go. he asked 'khali kapde pehante ho ya kuchh aur bhi karte ho?'( do u only dress as girl or something else), i asked ' what u mean?'

he was getting horny and brave as he knew no one else was there except 2 of us. he held my hand and took me to back of building. then he asked said straight away pointing to by boobs ' ye achhe lag rahe hain shirt khol kar dikha na" i asked '( These are looking hott, open ur top and show me) kya karna hai'(what you wanna do?) he boldly asked me then ' gaand marwaoge kya?'( Wanna have sex) .

that was all i was waiting for but i jus played ' main jaa raha hoon koi aa jayega'( I am going some one might come)
he told no one comes at this time he is alone there.

i jus opened my t shirt and he started fondling my boobs and hugging me kissing my neck before i cud say anything.

i for i was in an open area and started rubbibg his cock ( was already getting hard ) over his pants.

he opened my jeans and saw my lace panty and smooth legs n ass chheks . he put his hand in my panty and rubbed is finger on my ass hole.

then he open his pant and underwear and he was hardddddd with little pubic hair . his dick was about 6.5 inches long and full hard . i started rubbinbg it . he was saying all kinds of sexy things to me then i took a condom and out it on his cock and he asked me to bend over on the wall. we had no lubricant so he jus put sliva on his condom covered dick. and placed it on my hole. i said ' do slowly or it will pain a lot ' he said ' rani - dont worry' and he really was gentle and entered his cock inch by inch fully in my ass. it pained a bit but by the time he was fulllly in i was soooo horny and enjoying it .

he then started to n fro gently for about 5 mins jus all the while fondling my boobs from behind i said ' saale kutte - tez kar mujhe aur maja de mujhe to bahut maja aa raha hai'( Come on you dog bang me harder- it feels so good) and then he said ' tere boobs to bahut he majedar hain aur terui gaan itni mast hai '( Your boobs are soo hot and so is ur ass) and started as fast as he could . as he was wearing condom i told him ' condom pehna hai koi dar nahin meri gaand mein hi maal nikal de apna' (dont worry u are wearing condom cumm in my ass )

he pumped for about 5-8 mins and suddenly i felt a hot sensation in my ass deep i also shot my load right there. He kept pumping till I shot my load all over the wall.

suddenly we realised we are in the open and we checked if anyone had come there but we were lucky.

i just put on my jeans and with bra on he saw me to my car and i drove off.

P.S.-- I just came again

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1 year ago
you are so brave to have sexy in public made me cum all over myself thanks