The Bell Boy - Part 1

The Bell boy – Part 1

I assume you all know a bit about me and for those who don’t, I am from India and I am a bisexual and love to crossdress.

Now this incident happened last week when I was attending a conference in a city in central India. I checked into the hotel around 6 pm. I am got freshened up and went out to buy my self a new set of lingerie and some condoms/smokes etc… Well I bought my self a nice white C cup bra with a pink panty and a nice satin top. I changed into my girly stuff back in my room and ordered a drink (hoping I could get lucky with the room service guy). Well the guy got my drinks but was not interested and was a bit scared and he just ran off after placing my drink on the table. I had ordered 2 pegs of scotch and halfway through the first one I lit up a smoke only to realize in my hurry to try out my new lingerie I forgot to buy more smokes. I call the reception and asked them to send the bell boy so I could send him out for a pack of smokes. I changed into a t shirt and shorts ( with my bra and panty beneath). The guy came and I asked him to buy my brand of smokes and get them, before he left I asked him casually if the hotel allows dating partners. He replied that he doesn’t know any one but if I brought any date they would not mind( assuming I am asking for female company). I took a deep drag and asked him if I can get some male company, and he asked me why so.
I could see he wasn’t scared talking about me wanting male company so I just told him to adjust the hooks of my bra at the back. He did so and then I told him ‘ I need male company to make love to me’ , “ what will a male do with you?” he asked. “I will dress like a girl and I want the guy to fuck my ass “ I said. He said “ I can do that “. I told him to get the smokes and I will dress up and be ready.

Wow my lucky night I thought.

Well he came back and I had finished my first drink. I let him into the room. He was staring at me and I could see a bulge forming in his pants. “want to do it now?” I asked.” My shift gets over at 10pm I will come then.” He said. I said Ok and he left.
I waited but he didn’t come. I called the reception to send the bell boy but they told he had left for the day. I was disappointed and had my food and not wanting to take any risk with any of the other guys, I finished my dinner and went to sl**p. Next morning I got ready and was going to my conference and I saw him at the counter. I asked him why he didn’t come last night. He said he had to go but tonight he will surely come.

Well I attended my conference and came back to the hotel around 6pm. On the way in I asked him and he motioned that he will there. I went to my room had a shower and I had brought my own bottle of scotch. I poured my self a peg and was watching the TV. I lit a smoke and opened a window to smoke. The TV was on and I was smoking at the window and I heard a click on my door. I thought maybe it was someone at wrong room and could not come in. I finished my smoke and was watching the TV when the click happened again on the door. I didn’t bother again, but it happened again after 5 mins. I immediately got up and opened the door( I was in my gurlie dress) . There was a guy there in his mid 30s . I asked him “ you looking for someone,?”, “ I am from house keeping and was checking all rooms”. I could see he was lying. He saw me in girly attire and was staring at me, so I asked him to come in and closed the door behind us. “ what you really want, whats your name ?” I asked . “ nothing, my name is Kamal “he replied. He really didn’t know there was a CD in the room. Since he was not nervous or scared of meeting a CD I asked him” will you do sex with me?” . “yes” was a quick answer.
What you will do with me – I asked
You got BIGGG boobs -he said

Wanna play with them?
Yes, what else you want me to do- he asked
Will you fuck my ass- I said
He started fondling my fake boobs and kissing my neck. Then after a cpl of minutes he lifted my satin top over my head and watched me in bra n panty for a minute. He was hard, I could see that. I lit a smoke and asked him to undress. He got his pants off only and that was good enough for me. He had a average length tool but was thicker than average. I was smoking and he was playing with my tities and kissing them, sucking them like real. He moved his hands to my bums and squeezed them and rubbed his tool over my crack.
I finished my smoke and gave him a condom to wear and bent over on the bedside. He came behind me and I put some lube on his dick and he positioned his dick to enter. He tried but could not enter. I held his dick and shook my hips for him to push. He pushed hard and the head went in.

Godddd . the thick head stretched me and it pained. I told him to hold in for a bit. My muscles relaxed and again I shook my hips and this time he entered fully in one stroke. He started long full strokes and I was feeling him fill me with his dick balls deep. The long full strokes made me dripping with pre cumm. Five minutes of his long strokes and then he pulled out and made face the dressing table mirror with my hands on the wall and I was bent over. He came behind me and entered me holding my tities from behind. He pumped me fast full strokes making my padded tities bounce like real ones. He put his hands on my hips and was pumping away. I looked in the mirror and I saw my boobs bouncing. It made my dick so hard. After I could not stand he made me lie on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders and entered again. He did for another couple of minutes and with a groan he shot his load in the rubber deep in my hole.

He pulled out, cleaned his dick in the toilet. Wore his clothes and said ‘ I am on night shift will come later’ , “sure “ I said. He left without saying another word.
It was almost 8 pm and I had another drink. I was still hard and thought of masturbating but I suddenly the room phone rang. It was the bell boy and he asked if it was ok to come now. WOW I thought twice in a row. I told him to come in fast as I had to order dinner after that so I wont be able to dress up. I poured a stiff peg and the bell boy was up in my room in 5 minutes. I had worn the satin top again and adjusted my boobie pads after the shaking Kamal had given them.

We the bell boy wasted no time his hands were all over my ass and boobs in a jiffy. He needed no telling and stripped off his pants. I gave him a rubber and he wore it. When he faced me I saw he was average thick but around 7.5 inches in length. My hole was all ready and lubed up. He made me lie on the bed face down and put his rod at my hole ready to enter. He pushed and was fully in with his first stroke. He was crazy and banging me hard in full strokes. His stokes were making thup thup sounds with every thrust. the full strokes I like but not the hard rough way. I made him pull out and bend over doggy style with the dressing mirror on my left and asked him to do slow strokes. I could see his rod go deep in me and go in and out with his full long slow strokes. He was now enjoying the slow pumping. He had some stamina coz he pumped me doggy for 10 mins. Then he lay on my side facing the mirror. He held my left leg high and entered side ways. Ohhhhh what a feeling I could feel his long hard tool do full strokes and I could see it too. My hard on was aching. I held my dick and in 2 strokes with my hand I shot my load all over the bed sheet. He did not stop for another 5 mins. Suddenly his pumping became wild and I knew was about to cumm. He pumped hard and deep and with a groan he also came in the rubber deep in me.

He cleaned himself in the toilet and came back. He wore his pants and asked’ you got more condoms?’. ‘ why ‘ I asked.
‘ I will come again before I leave after my shift’ he said. I just smiled and showed him my pack of condoms. He also smiled and left.

My drink was on the table unfinished. I lit a smoke and ordered my food.

I had my food and was watching the TV when I heard a knock on the door at around 9 30 pm. It was Kamal.
I smiled and thought to my self this is going to be a wild night.



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1 year ago
Me so horny
1 year ago
Great story, that really did happen to me. When I was younger in my teens, I cleaned rooms at a run down motel, I was 15 yrs old at thwow no time, the room I was cleaning had lot of stuff left in it still, panties, bra's lots of porn magazine old ( VCR ) after I cleaned the room,I shut the door and played some porn, *gay, shemales, crossdressing porn. Well horny put on some panties a bra, stroking my cock fucking myself with a did dildo all of sudden the door open a 6'5" Latino men walk in and said hi you the cleaning boy?yes I am I'm so sorry don't tell anyone. It's ok he said with smile, he was around 65 yrs old.he said I can see you're enjoying your self. Do you care if I join you. I said no not at all, he took off his jeans and had on a pink thong, *** and he was HUGE THICK he asked if I ever saw a cock that big?w
1 year ago
fantastic story made me cum all over myself twice hope you had a great time