Pineapples. (Short story)

I met him at a bar. Dark hair, piercing sky blue eyes, and a bit of a scruff; shading his chin slightly. Now he's in my apartment, just snuggling against my pecs. He has a nice build, strong arms and some nice perky nipples, which he let me pinch a little bit.

Further into the night, he started dozing off, but I didn't want him to sl**p just yet. For I was majorly aroused, but I don't want to go all the way since I only met him tonight. Maybe he wouldn't mind me getting him off a bit. But would it just think I'm just taking things too fast? I take the risk, then start stroking his stomach, clothes on for now. Grazing my fingers on the outline of his carved abs. Forcing my whole palm on it, I slowly stick my hand in his pants. This surely got his attention quickly, for his eyes seemed to beam open and jumped a little. His stare glaring down on me as his face posed as a 'What are you doing' kind. I pulled away a little, my hand sitting on his small happy trail. "I don't you falling asl**p on me just yet" saying so as I stare back at him. He didn't move, didn't reply. Instead he unbuttoned his pants. "Only a hand job. I'll still fall asl**p though, but I want to fall asl**p with you in my arms." He gave me a smile, perfect white teeth. He kissed me, and gestured me to put my hand on him.

My hand must have been cold when I touched his dick, cause he gave out a little grunt once we had contact. He was a fair size, a good 7 or 8 inches. All that felt fantastic, with his veins around it, I feel the excitement pulling through. I start to rub slowly, feeling the elastic of his boxers on my wrist. Feeling the need to get in a better position, I pull my hand out to position him to sit on the bed. Getting on my knees in front of him with only his pants unbuttoned, I get a hold of his dick again. Stroking it a little faster this time, making him curl his lower lip back a bit with a moan. With that single, I had so much enthusiasm that he will love this. Even thought it's just a hand job, I'd still get to eat his cum.
Pulling back his foreskin with each stroke, I watch his expressions. Loving every sensation my hand is giving him. I stare at his beautiful face, from such a fierce man to such an innocent guy. I love that, it shows how cute he can be in a sensitive way. I had spent so much time focusing on him, that I'd notice that he was about to cum. That is, once I felt his pre-cum rubbing along my hand as support. I lean closer to his dick, waiting for him to erupt. "I'm gonna cum!" And with that, his load splat along my face, some in my mouth too. I lick off some on my hand, then he offers me a towel to wipe my face. "Sorry." He blushed. I shook my head. I so wanted that. His cum tasted like pineapples. I should put my mouth on it next time.
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