finally went back to spa excess 2nd time there gay

I was so horny yesterday around 7pm, and constantly watching gay porn. I have only one experience with men, and that was last year at spa excess in Toronto. Last night I want to see if I could stop being shy and try men again. I was very horny and needed some action. When I got there I purchased some lube and poppers. I got in to the locker room and put my clothes up. I went straight to the shower and cleaned up. I went into the spa, if you have never been to a bathhouse it is very dark. I wandered around getting my feel for the place. There are several mazes set up a few rooms with glory holes, some open rooms with bench type seats and few tvs in hallways where the rooms are.

I found no immediate action so I decide3d to try something. I went into one of the cubicles in the dark glory hole room. I was so nervous for many reasons fear of someone I know seeing me, and so nervous period. Last time I was at this spa I gave oral in one cubicle and ended up giving/receiving anal back in his room. I took my towel off so that I was now naked. I lubed up my back side and leaned over on the bench. This time I thought would do something different and spice/increase my chances of getting action. I took off my towel stook naked this time I left the door open. It wasn't busy like a Friday night, I would say about 40 guys were there. I stood there ready for someone to slip there cock into the hole. I was basically bent at the waist my ass out a bit so who walked by the open door can see i wanted someone to join. In other words, I was prone and ready, still nervous shy but wanted action. After about two minutes I felt a hand rubbing on my butt. He played with my lubed hole and put one then two fingers in. I was getting hard and wanted it bad. He played with me for a bit and left, I guess felt I was either to nervous or too tight.

I then felt another hand rubbing my butt. Mind you it was dark and I was facing away. I could not see who was touching me. I felt his towel on my back, hence he was also now fully naked. He put his tool on my ass cheeks. I was instantly hard, and felt something get bigger harder rub my ass cheeks. He took my hand reached back and let me feel his tool and balls. I was ready for that! I turned around I could tell he was latin, but quickly starred down to his cock, that kept getting bigger and firmer in my hands, as my hand was jerking his cock. I got the urge, went down on my knees slowly took his cock into my mouth and started slowly sucking his cock back and forth, licking the shaft all the way up down to his balls, and at times took his balls into my mouth an sucked on them very well. I then stood back up, and turned around, I was pressed against the wall, He eased it in slowly. He was a good 6.5 7 inches It hurt like hell, but Man it felt good. I was in heaven and never once hinted to pull it out despite pain. He took about two or three minutes to get it all the way in. Once in he began to fuck me in earnest I was in heaven. He was pushing into me and I was rocking back into him. I cannot tell you how long this went on. my legs got tired so I had to stop pushing back and just go with the ride. He pulled out and left didn't finish. I thought i did something wrong, I took that chance to look back there were three or four other men watching. A few minutes later another man similar size cock started pushing on me ass cheeks. I pushed back. He was pleasurable. He slowly started to insert his penis in me. After about two minutes a cock popped into the glory hole. I had to stretch my legs. There i was chance for 2 cocks same time, Slowly sucked one cock while getting slowly hammered from behind. This was so hot. Again this time both cocks pulled out. But the guy doing me said come back to my room. When got to his room, the first guy who was doing me was there. There I learned he was the cock I was sucking while getting done from behind.

Once we got into the room, 3 of us in short spent 2 hours in room. I was in heaven got to try/enjoy some of my fantasies. Sucking 2 guys same time, jerking them. Was on top riding one guy while sucking there other. Then one was riding me while sucking the other. I wwas in the middle, on top banging one guy while guy was on top of me doing me. We all took turns doing each other. The end had me on knees jerking both guys sucking back forth till they shot there load all over my lips/tongue.

I woke up this morning with a raging hard on. I have not had that much fun in a very long time. So I now have had 2 experiences with men. Both times at the spa excess. but last night was awesome I got my 2 on 1....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm next time I think will just stand in glory hole room maybe just suck cock all night

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7 months ago
sounds like your well on your way....very exciting..
8 months ago
slowly I hope I do,,,,,,,if shy no get cock,, I want cock, so no choice slowly get there,, tonight will go again, maybe go to the other dark room, where orgies start, and just lay there naked,, or likely do again what I did other night,, naked in glory hole see who comes in
8 months ago
looks to me like you are getting over your shyness pretty damn well!!!!!
8 months ago
Fucking HOT. there's a gay nude male resort in California that I like to go to about once a month. All I can say is its fucking great
8 months ago
I just so shy to try more man/man stuff, and stay longer, or try bigger things like group gangbangs, I only have had 2 experiences both at this spa but 1 year apart, took 1 year to go back and try cock again,,
8 months ago
Great story and very well written. Have always enjoyed the Gay Bath Houses mainly because everyone walks around either naked or half naked and you can have sex your way. Whenever I visited the Adult Book store I would enter the booth and immediately strip naked. It wouldn't take long before someone would open the door a little and ask if the movie was any good. I would always invite him in to see. He would see a boy standing there but he wouldn't realize that I was naked until he started to touch me. Then I would get to suck cock and get fucked and when he left someone else would come in.