Business trip with my boss.

I went with my boss on a buying trip, and I got my own room so he probably had no thought that it would happen. In the evening he invited me out me at a resturant after work, we would meet at his place so I had plenty of time to fix me, I was long in the bath and drank so I started to get a bit d***k, so when I wanted to shave my pussy and gave myself an enema, then I got hornier and hornier my pussy was soaking wet, so I dressed up in a half long red lace dress, and I had a black lace bra, a black lace garter belt black lace panties with opening and dark brown stockings with gold seam and gold high-heeled sandals, I realy wanted to get him horny soo Im geting to be fucked by him tonight.
I took my coat and purse and walked out of my room and went up to my manager's room . As I stood in the elevator so tickled it and I felt it flowed from my pussy. I was going to surprise him, that he would at last get me.
I knocked on the door and I stepped into the room , I heard he was in the bathroom yet , I was so horny so I stood on all fours on the sofa, and pulled up my dress at the back, then I heard that he was walking from bathroom I was breathing so heavy, he said nothing , but walked forward and I heard his belt came undone and how his fly was down and the pants fell to the floor I could feel his cock in my pussy opening and how the pressed in and filled my pussy I moaned and said what you are big . Then he began to fuck me with long bursts that felt that it stemmed from me . I felt his cock cramped and then sprayed my pussy full of cum , I could feel his cock slackened in me , then I felt how his hands found their way under my dress and fondled my breasts, I groaned and said fuck me again , his cock stood up up again and now I felt it in my anus and I screamed when it stretch out and fill me and then he started humping with long strokes I knew now how great he was and I groaned and I felt that now he'll soon. will come into me again now he fills me with long hot syringe.
He gets up and walks around the couch and stand in front of me and put his cock in my mouth and say suck your little whore, then I look up and is shocked it was a colored guy he was somewhere between fifty sixty not my boss I suck and lick his cock until it squirts again I swallow and suck until his cock slackened. Then he takes and pulls up his pants, but he pulls out his belt and goes around and endorses and pull down my panties and says to me, you little bitch, I'll provide you with my belt so you will not be able to sit in the morning, so begins the belt to spank me I got a thirty lashes of the belt, you should be ashamed, he said, you do not get paid for this, I not decided with any whore, next time then you will get good money, take this as a lesson and he went out from the room.
I went out on his toilet and began to push, so I can empty the anus and pussy, I got out pretty much semen and then dried and washed the anus and pussy, I saw on the my buttocks that was pure red blotchy I pulled up my panties and washed my face and my mouth. Straightened my outfit and went out into the halls where I met my boss, Sonja where have you been? I've been looking for you, he said! come now, so we can eat, I'm very hungry so I can eat a bull.( a bull mmm).
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