when me and wife went clubbing

in the 90,s me and ann went clubbing every sunday like most we took recreational d**gs ecys which made you love everyone and later we would fuck like rabbits fantasising about certain people in our crowd then we would talk about it during the week until i said did she fancy trying to get someone as they probably thought the same as we were a good looking cple many of them would go for it she agreed and decided on certain ones but would say on the night out she was bi curiouse with some girls and i said liz would be ideal as i knew she made her horny she was about 5ft 5 shoulder lenght black hair with brown yes size 10 curvy and lovly tits i said we both find her sexy but would she go for it ann said with an ecy maybe so ann invited her to get ready at ours and go with us
that night we had an ecy and drink music on as we joked and had a laugh as ann was showering liz was ready gettinga drink in the kitchen as i walked in she was bent over in a cupboaed and joked saying i was going to slip it up you there as she said your not man enough as i said you couldnt take it all looking me in the eye smiling she said ann said your big whats your biggest then i said saying show me she gestured with her hands as iwent to the loo and drew round mine on paper saying im that size she looked surprised for a bit saying it hard no i did it just then she said anns lucky laughing saying her ecy was coming up i said wish i was that ecy cumming up you laughingsaying she would tell ann i said she knows ask her that night i told ann about it and liz was near all night ann said she will ask her back at the end liz was with us ann said she was comming back as we got a cab i said jokingly i may fuck her ann said i wouldnt bother if you didat home we played music had a drink and joint dancing we talked of sex exploites and when iwent for drinks told liz i wanted to fuck her she said shame heis your husband ann said she wanted us to fuck and could see liz would do it we talked about fucking on ecy how you fantasize liz agreed as ann told her she fucked a few guys and i knew ann suggested we play dare after a few turns liz was to go to the hall and kiss me for ten mins saying i was a nice kisser we stood inthe hall as i kissed her my hands on hr shoulders then she was enjoying it and i rubbed her all over she never stpped me so i stroked her titsas she held me tighter her nipple went hard as i rubbed her crotch outside her panties as she groanedas i pressd my hard cock on her as she said its huge i said i would fuck her later and tell ann as she wanted me to for a while now we went in and ann said was it good i said i want to take her to bed ann said go on go now if you both want as she went to the loo i took liz by the hand up stares too our room closedthe door and kissed her removing her clothes puhing her to the bed and licking her clit after pulling aprt her legs she moaned after she came i lay on er easing my cock up her as she groaned saying its so good as we fucked ann shouted she was coming in and came in as i had lizs legs up pumping her hole as she moaned ann sat watching then stripped naked as liz said she ha a lovly body and great pussy ann fingered her hole sitting next to us as she stroked lizs tits then kissed them liz moaned touching anns pussy ann said finger me liz did as i moved over ann lay beside her kissing her as i went to the loo but stood outside the door hearing ann say to her she was so sexy as liz said she to was sexy ann said finger me liz moaning as i returned liz was licking her clit her bum in the air so i eased up her cunt ann said she loves it
in the morning liz was shy but ann grabbed her kissing herand fingering her hole and asked her if she liked it liz moaned yes ann said they could do it again yes liz said ann said she liked louise also asking if she liked her yes she has great tits ann said we can get her next week as they climaxed and lay for a bit i got between them kissing liz as ann went out as she took my cock guiding it up her fucking her i said i was going to fuck her as much as i could she climaxed
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