how i met my wife

this is our first story.
About how i met my wife and how we ended up having a wild time at work

i knew a member of her f****y as a co worker, my wife came in for an interview i just said hi as she went past but thought to myself she looks sexy as hell i wouldnt mind fucking the arse off her. A few days later i was told by the boss she had got the job and i would be her mentor to show her the ropes, as she would be working nights i would have to stay over. after she had been in the job for a week or so i knew we were getting on well. one night just before i was about to leave i said to her " hey babe you know what i wouldnt mind taking you to bed" the look on her face was one of shock at first then she blushed and said " but im a married woman and things arnt good at home right now i dont want to make it worse".

about a week later we were working together again and she asked me if i was serious about what i had said " sure was" i replied " i think you are sexy as hell" she just looked and smiled and carried on working. at about midnight when thing had gone quite i was doing some paperwork when she came into the room and asked if i wanted a coffee, i said how bout a kiss instead. she walked towards me and i leaned over and gave her a quick kiss she didnt back away so i kissed her again and her mouth opened so i pushed the tip of my tounge in feeling her do the same. within seconds we were touching eachother, her big heavy tits being masarged under my hands as she groped for my semi hard cock through my jeans.

i pushed her against the wall as lifted her skirt i could feel the heat between her thighs as my fingers worked there way up her thighs i realised she was wearing stocking my had went higer ang she let out a soft moan as i rubbed at her pussy through her silky panties, she began to push her hips forwards as i pulled them to one side and found her hot wet clit with my fingertip, she undid the buttons on my jeans and grabed at my hard cock slowly wanking me geting a load of pre cum on her fingers, i got down on my knees and lifted her skirt over my head and put my tounge on her soaking wet clit she grabed the back of my head and ground her pussy into my face as she started to cum. i stoped and waited for her to calm down them bought her to the edge again and again until she was shaking and begging to be continued
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1 year ago
Oh man ... I had a 30+ year woman that worked in the cubicle right next to me ... I listened to her give technical computer programming in computer jargon day after day ... I could hardly stand it after months of listening to her silky voice. We were both single ... and eventually she decided she liked my voice as well. We stayed late to work one night ... and screwed ... on the company main conference table. It was hot ... as is your story. Your pal ~~ TREX
1 year ago
What a slutty wife you have
2 years ago
good start