My First Time ;) part 2


I awoke to him talking on the phone saying that he was going to the coast today and asking could he bring me as I do such a good job with his housework, and it was just a little treat for me I looked up to see him smiling at me so he finished on the phone and bent over to kiss the top of my forehead

He had already brought a tray up of orange juice toast and coffee for us both

I really felt like a woman today and as I sat up the gown I had around me feel down I didn’t bother to pull it back up so my pert breasts were on show for him and he bent and kissed each” good morning” I said morning to him and asked for a kiss on my lips which he granted they were so soft and warm I wanted him to keep kissing me all day

He pulled back and offered the tray to me I took a glass of OJ and some toast and he started saying” today we will get you some nice clothes for when your here so let’s hurry up and get going your dad wants to see you this evening “
“Have you told him?” I said
“No slut I haven’t, now let’s get ready and go out shall we?”
I finished my toast and drink and jumped out of bed then realised that I only had my school uniform and that got wet and dirty yesterday as I started to say this he went and got me a t-shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms which I slipped on and was heading down the stairs.

We got into his car and headed for the motorway, not being too sure I asked where we were going and all he said was “wait and see”.
After about an hour we pulled of the motorway and were driving in to an industrial estate, there was hardly anybody then he finally pulled up outside a unit and we went inside it was darkish not really very welcoming .
A lady come and said hello to him asking what he want for me “everything “ he said grabbing my arm she took me though to a different room from him where there was loads of outfits for all the kinks and fantasies there are in the word.
The lady was saying to me that her name was Brenda and id get to know her as he always brings his girls here but he hadn’t been for months , I was shocked as she was picking out some outfits and passing them to me that wouldn’t cover me up the way daddy would want me to be.
She took me though to the changing area to try these outfits on and I must admit I felt really grown up in them but at 15 was I meant to be wearing them?
They all fitted perfectly so I got back into the jogging bottoms and t-shirt and gathered up all the outfits and went over to Brenda and told her they all fitted so told me he went through to a different part of the shop an pointed me in the right direction to find him I took my time to find him as I was looking at all the things I walked past some more clothes that I liked and shoes “ohhh I like these “ I said to myself at a pair of thigh high boots black leather with some gold studs up the side.
Then into a different room where the sex toys were OH MY GOOD GOD I thought as I was staring at all this things although they looked like cocks all different shades and sizes some looked interesting then I heard a voice over the shelf “have you got the outfits sorted “ I nodded I was unsure whether or not to speak ,as he looked at me over the shelves he was walking round to to stand next to me as I was staring at this thing which I later found out to be called a rabbit he picked it up and said I could switch it on see if I liked the look of what it did .....I played with the buttons and it started to vibrate in my hand then another button had it spinning the end around , I was shocked and he was saying” women use them when they don’t have a man to get off on or in front of their man because it adds extra excitement they put it up their pussies and if you want to try 1 that’s ok as I’ll teach you how to use it , go on choose 1 that you want to try for yourself and I’ll choose 1 that I want to use on you when you’ve been a good girl “
I looked around and found 1 that I liked the look of and had tried the one out of the box it felt nice against my hand so hoped it would against/ in my pussy.
He had already chosen 1 and took it though to the other room where I had left all those outfits and was coming back to see if id found 1” yes master “
“Come with me” he said taking me though to another room this one full of DVDs I started looking as I was being led around I was in shock that there was so many of them.
“Let’s choose some that we can watch together “he said and we were at a section that had lots of pretty young girls and older men on the covers which I guessed he liked as he was with me.

We choose 5 films and walked back though to the first room and he paid for all the stuff and passed a few pretty bags to me to take to the car as he passed me the keys.
So off I went while he finished paying he was taking an age so I sat in the back seat of the car waiting for him to come out and was looking though the bags and found the outfit I liked best ”the maid” so I started getting changed into it so I could show it off when he got to the car after about 10 minutes he returned with more bags I hadn’t realised that there was that much stuff as he was placing the bags in the back seat he noticed that id changed and asked me to get out to show him he walked round to meet me outside the backseat and shyly I asked “do you like it master? I’ll get changed again I’m sorry master I shouldn’t of changed here “ he looked at me and asked me to give him a spin which I did shyly covering my ass with my hands as the skirt didn’t, he pulled my hands away saying that he wanted to see it all but suggested it would be best to change back as he wouldn’t be able to control himself with me wearing that maid outfit he stood there while I changed so no one would see.
As he said to my daddy that morning he was going to take me to the seaside which we did we walked along the beach. We went to a cafe for some lunch well more like our evening meal because whilst we walked we found a little cove amongst the rocks and he had gotten me to suck him and pulling my t shirt over my head reaching for my breasts pinching my nipples he shot his thick creamy load of cum right down my throat.
I could get used to that I thought to myself and did say to him after I had finished enjoying the taste.

It was getting late by the time we left and I had to go straight home to see my daddy he walked me to the door and was talking to my daddy about how hard I work while I’m at his house and he said that id make a good servant for the queen 1 day which they both laughed at as daddy was telling him my bedroom was always a mess
They ended up talking about other things and I thanked him for a really nice day out but I was going to have a shower and go to bed as I thought the sea air had got to me. They both kissed me on the cheek and off I went as I didn’t have to lock the bathroom door when it was just daddy and I at home I didn’t bother with him here either I washed and got out the shower and was drying myself off when all of a sudden he walked in on me I grabbed the towel to cover me and left for my bedroom and he followed asking why I had covered myself when he had seen it all to which I replied that I was in my daddy’s house and it was his rules to which he turned and walked out , i closed my door and could hear daddy and him down stairs I had just gotten into bed when I heard him leave and daddy locking up before coming to bed.

On Tuesday when I next went to clean for him he was sat on the sofa waiting for me with all the bags of clothes he had bought me on Saturday sat there waiting for me to show, the blinds were drawn around the front of the house as well.

I’m sorry this is taking longer to write than I thought it would because it bring back a lot of memories and I’ve been working on another for old friends too but will continue with this as and when I can
Thanks for reading and comments always welcome
Love and hugs horny_79 x

79% (10/2)
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3 years ago
again,... well done, and looking forward to part 3
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Please continue your herstory - Peter Pan