transvestite in trouble part 3

I felt his stiff cock at my asshole. I shuffled my legs a little further apart, partly to prevent him ramming it into me and it hurting, and partly bacause I just wanted him to fuck me!

"you fuckin dirty slut" he whispered...he'd noticed my little subtle movement " you want my cock don't you?....Say it slut"
"yesszz" i mumbled through the ball gag "please" i tried to say
I was terrified of the situation I was in....what the hell was he going to do with me after he'd screwed me, he'd pretty much ****d me....yeah, I'd let myself get in this situation, but he'd f***ed me and it was all on tape (somewhere?)
The best course of action was to just go along with it, be submissive as I'd promised let him have his way with me...maybe even play along that it was what and how I wanted, maybe he'd let me go if he thought i was a willing participant, and that maybe I'd come back for more.

"fuck me Andrew" I blurted through the face down in the mattress, ass up ready for him to mount, hands cuffed behind my back ball gagged and cock straining at the chastity device.

"good girl" he whispered, as his cock pushed against my asshole, his hands were everywhere, iside my suspender strap, fingering at the edge of my stocking top, I knew he was getting a missive kick out of my outfit, he'd gone on and on for weeks in our emails about just what I should wear. his other hand, cupping my fake boob through my bra.

He was inside me...Oh god he was big, I'd told him several times that i'd had anal sex with a guy, but in truth, the closest I'd come was using a dildo on myself whilst I jerked off....nothing this big.

"fuck you're tight" he said...almost reading my mind...he pulled out, i relaxed for a second, as he lubed the length of his shaft....then he mounted me again, like a dog in heat, this time he was straight into me....half way....oh god a good 6 inches into seemed to bottom out in it wouldn't go any further......then he started to fuck out in out.....i felt his balls against my ass. 8...maybe 9 inches in me.....fuck! My asshole felt stretched to breaking point and it seemed as though I could feel his cock in my belly!

Each stroke pounded into me...his hands were on my hips, holding me and pulling me onto him, he reached around me.....grabbing my helpless, locked away cock and balls......tugging at me......"wanna cum slut?" he asked....."YES!"....I blurted through the gag! He laughed, "all in good time baby" he said

his hand left my cock and moved to the back of my head, forcing my face into the filthy mattress, his cock buried in me, pounding me. I gasped for breath, breathing only through my nose as the gag filled my mouth completely. I felt almost as if I was about to faint, when he yanked my head back...alllowing me to gasp for breath....before again forcing my face down into the fabric.

He did this 5, maybe 6 times....obviously gaining real joy each time I gasped for breath, his cock seemed to grow harder in me. 7 times....8, on the ninth he pulled me upright, and whispered into my ear...."I'm not wasting my cum in your asshole slut, this load is going in your mouth, is that ok?" I nodded weakly.

He pulled out of me....I felt my ass shrink back, for a second I thought I had shit myself. He stood and stepped to my side, he still had hold of my hair, I turned on my knees to face him....his cock glistened with lube and pre cum...jesus, so much pre cum. Oh god, straight from my ass into my mouth. He unclasped the gag from my mouth and dropped it onto the mattress. "Open wide" he said.....again I did as i was told.....My mouth was filled with the taste of the lube and my ass. I felt my cock rise and twitch in its hurt, but hurt good. I started to work on his mouth bobbing back and forth on him, again he started to fuck my mouth, but this time he wasn't holding back....he wanted to cum! Fuck....I wanted him to cum....i wanted his load in my mouth. I glanced up at him...he was staring down wide eyed at me. "cumming!" he said. he pulled his cock from my mouth, and jerked in my face, Fuck that! I wanted to eat that load! I opened my mouth wide, ready to receive it. The first shot was thick, and heavy, it sprayed across my tongue and lips, quckly followed by 2 huge sprays on my cheek and into my eye, i took him back into my mouth in time for another spray right into my throat.

"oh baby" he said, loosing my hair and with his fingers, gathering up the cum on my face, bringing it to my mouth...he said nothing, but i took his fingers into my mouth, eagerly licking the cum from them, again and again he fed me, so much cum, and again and again i took it, swallowed it and opened wide to show him that it was gone. "good girl" he said....I assumed it was all gone. I glanced at the camera on the's focus was cleary on me...on me eating his cum.

He turned picked up his jacket that was strewn on the floor behind him, went into the pocket and removed a small bottle....I watched him, puzzled, he poured some of the liquid onto a cloth, then like a flash clasped the back of my head and shoved the rag into my face. I slipped into unconciousness
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27 days ago
You're also super cute by the way
27 days ago
I am working on ideas for more parts to this and my othrr stories. Thanks for your comments
11 months ago
is it possible to make you write a 6. part of the story please?
2 years ago
i came all over myself with this part
3 years ago
3 years ago
more this is awesome
3 years ago
Fabulous work on this series! Loved every one, keep it up!
3 years ago
Luved it!
3 years ago
More! Please!!