tranvestite in trouble part 2

How could i have been so stupid?

Here i was, trapped by a guy twice my size and weight, dressed as a sexy secretary, just as he'd asked me, kneeling on this filthy floor, with his solid 8" cock buried deep in my mouth, gagging me.

Andrew was clearly loving acting out his scenario, with his submissive tranny slut, his eyes were bulging from his head. his hips were pumping, back and forth, litterally fucking my mouth, fucking my face.

i could taste the pre cum oozing from him, so much, i'd had to swallow loads, but i could feel it running down my chin, onto my chest. Still.....he couldn;t possibly keep this up. he was clearly ready to blow his load....he'd cum soon, this would be over.

He pulled his cock from my mouth....startling me back into the reality of this situation. "did you bring them?" he asked. "Bring what?" I blurted
he grabbed me by the hair, yanking me back to my feet, and pushed me back against the wall, my head struck the wall, dazing me.
He bent over and picked up my clutch bag from the floor, I must have dropped it in the struggle.

again he grabbed my hair and pushed me over to the filthy mattress in the corner of the room, pushing me over onto it, i fell onto my bum, looking at him. He emptied my bag next to me. All the time, his huge hard cock, standing strong from his unzipped trousers. I knew what was in my bag.......I felt like crying.

During our emails, andrew had pleaded with me to act out another part of his fantasy. Eventually I had agreed, In my bag I had a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, a chastity device, and a ball gag, as well as a small tube of lube.

"Please Andrew" I Begged "Not here....not like this.....we can still go back to your place....I promise, I'll be good" I was stalling.....I glance over my shoulder at the CCTV camera.....It had rotated and was again focused on us.

"Stand up" He said...I struggled to my knees hurt from kneeling on the concrete floor.

"Please don't hit me again" I pleaded.

"You know what I want don't you slut?" he said......I nodded.....Oh god....what had I done.

"take of your clothes" he said, "Please andrew" I said.....Andrew pounced. grabbing me by the throat......"Do as you're told you dirty little faggot" he snarled.."OK, I will" I whispered

I took of my jacket, and blouse....I was shaking so hard....and unzipped and stepped out of my skirt. "Ok....that's good" He said.
I was stood in front of him, in bra, panties, suspender belt and back lace topped stockings, and my black stillettos...looking every inch the slut. The CCTV camera whirred into life.

"turn round" he said I did as I was told, too scared to even plead with him anymore. He took my wrists and locked them into the cuffs. They were just novelty sex play cuffs that I'd picked up from Anne Summers, but the were still strong enough to hold me. My hands cuffs behind my back. Andrew bent down and picked up the Ball gag....It had been lying on that filthy piss stained mattress, and now he was going to put it in my mouth.

In it went, I'd had worn it before, at home alone, just to jerk off, but this was different, andrew fastened it behind my head....tighter than i'd ever tried it. It hurt.

he then picked up the chastity device, again bought from a sex shop. pulling my panties to one side, he groped my cock....despite my fear, incredibly i was still semi erect, he quickly fastened the device onto me, locking it in place.
he held me by the shoulders and turned me to face the filthy mattress, then pushed me down toward it....on my knees, my gagged mouth face down into the filth...the smell was appalling.

i felt him again pull my panties aside, and felt his fingers at my ass, cold and smooth with lube.....I let out a small moan through the gag and the mattress...."Oh you like that do you slut?" he want my cock don't you. I said nothing.....I was helpless, terrified trapped....but more than anything, i wanted that hard cock in my ass.

again to be continued
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2 years ago
Great nyou made me get so hot
3 years ago
I'm so hot andhard need to read the next chapter thanks Candi
3 years ago
great part 2let me know when the next installment is up?
3 years ago
mmmm great story! cant wait for the next!
3 years ago
Yeah, this story is awesome! Can't wait to see more!
3 years ago
This is fucking amazing :-)