transvestite in trouble

i pulled up on the pub's carpark. I was nervous, i'd been speaking with Andrew for about 2 months online and for 2 weeks on the phone, we'd always end up jerking off when we spoke. it was during these chats that i'd told him of my fantasy. The one where i'm overpowered and f***ed.

I was dressed as instructed, black lingerie, suspenders and black stockings, tight high wasted skirt, just above the knee, white blouse and black jacket, i had on 4" heels, Andrew liked the secretary look. there were only 3 cars on the carpark, Andrew had said this pub would be quiet at this time on a Thursday, it was 5pm, already getting a little dark.

I walked to the pubs door, heart pounding in my chest, opened the door and peered in, 2 old guys were sat at the bar, and a couple were near the door, and Andrew was sat in the corner as he'd described. My heart leapt.....I kinda thought he wouldn't turn up....Hell, I kinda thought I wouldn't! I walked over to him and said hi.

I sat down, and we exchanged small some small talk, then he fetched me a wine from the bar, when he came back he sat close next to me. put his heavy large hand on my thigh....feeling, I knew what for, he found my suspender clip, and smiled...."good girl" he said, I felt my cock twitch a little, i loved to be called girl! Andrew was a big guy, bigger than I expected, 6'2" and about 15 stone, strong, shaved head and half cast. He was hot. Hotter than any guy I'd been with before.
We talked quietly, "you havn't changed your mind have you" he asked. For weeks we'd been planning this meeting, I'd told Him how I wanted a guy to f***e me, be rough, almost **** me. He'd got very excited at this thought.

"No, i've not changed my mind" I said....I heard my voice quiver as I said it. I realised his hand was now almost at my crotch, and also that i was growing hard, that wouldn't be good in public...not in this skirt. Andrew suddenly downed his drink. "ready?" he said.....I nodded. He grabbed my hand, firmly and pulled me to my feet, and headed toward the door, I tottered behind him on my heels, the guys at the bar turned and looked at me, one seemed to check me out, and stared at the small bulge at the front of my dress....I blushed.

"We'll take my car" he said zapping the door open and half helping half bundling me into the passenger seat. He got in as I fastened my seatbelt. "fuck your hot" he said..."I so wanna fuck you now"....."thankyou" i responded....and then felt stupid. He started the car and drove.

we were driving for around 15 minutes, when he pulled over, we got out of the car and walked about 50 yards up the street, he then lead me thru a gate and across an overgrown courtyard, broken bricks and bottles were strewn everywhere, and graffiti was all over the walls. We approched a block of flats, no lights seemed to be on in any of the windows. "You live here?" I asked nervously, "yes" he said. We walked through a doorway, and then through another into a lobby, there were 2 lifts, one was open, obviously out of order, and stairs led off to the right. it stank of urine, and a filthy mattress lay in the corner. The only light was from a dim wall fixed emergency light with a plastic cover, I noticed that someone had written "fuck" in black marker on the light cover, in the corner i noticed a CCTV camera, a small red light was on below it. I turned to Andrew quizically, Before I could say a word i felt a sharp slap across my face....I staggered back on my heels, dazed, he's slapped me and that wasn't a playful slap....."fuck Andr..." I said but he slapped me again, harder, this time knocking me realing i fell backward against the wall.

He grabbed me by the throat, forcing me against the wall, "Are you ready for this you fucking slut?" he said....spraying spit in my face as he said it. I was scared....this was all too real, and i knew he was too strong for me.

He grabbed me by my long dark hair, a f***ed me to me knees, " ow! Andrew Please" I protested! "shut up slut" he barked. I was on my knees, he fumbled with his zipper and flopped out his hard cock in my face, Thick, Dark and 8" (just as he'd described it)my eyes darted from it, to his face to the CCTV camera, it buzzed and moved and twisted it's focus on us.....someone was watching this.....they'd see, they didn't know we'd arranged it...someone would come.

Andrew grabbed my hands and held them against the wall above my head, I struggled but hopelessly, he was holding both with only one hand and still I was powerless. With his other hand he grabbed his cock and f***ed it to my face, It glistened in the dim light, and smelt of he'd not washed for days "open wide slut!" he screamed, i did as i was ordered, i was shaking, terrified he'd hit me again, my tight skirt had ridden up my thighs exposing my lace stocking tops and my suspender clasps. Kneeling on this piss stained floor, then he rammed his acrid cock into my mouth. I gagged. "suck it whore" he growled. Again I did as I was ordered, i sucked him, I Knew I had to do it properly, so i began to suck like a girl, like a true slut.

Again I heard the CCTV camera whir, like it was trying to get a better focus.
"Look at you, you slut" He said...."you love it!"....hard as stone, straining against my panties and skirt.....Oh my god.....i was hard!

To be continued....let me know what you all think

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2 years ago
if you have a fantasy and you tell someone about it be ready fore the servcomstnises great story
3 years ago
Scary whats next Candi
3 years ago
amazing :-)
3 years ago
yes, I think I;ll throw in a little bondage
3 years ago
Great start are you going to throw in some bondage as well ?
That will really get my clitty pulsing
3 years ago
thanks for the comments guys, i'll try to get the next installment up at the weekend
3 years ago
Real hot a little rough but hot thanks
3 years ago
love it! i cant wait for the continuation!
3 years ago
can't wait for more
3 years ago
great so far, my dream date x