paying to be used as a girl

i's been dressing up in girls clothes since i was 11. my mom's and my 2 elder s****rs suff. they'd caught me on several occassions when i was younger, but had thought it was a phase i'd grow out of. only now it turned me on too much to ever stop

Just recently i'd developed a new even more outrageous fantasy. now when i dressed i would fantasize about being used like a girl by a man....sometimes the fantasy would involve several men.this had come about ever since my mom had bought our first home computer. I'd spend hours when home alone watching tranny porn on the internet. i'd even posted photograps of myself dressed in lingerie on a couple of porn sites.

one day i had come across an e****t website where i'd seen hundreds of pictures of trannies offering their services. however, the one that had caught my eye was for a gay guy. offering sex for £120 per hour. I'd become so excited by this i had mailed him. explaining my fantasy. How I wanted to be dressed, and how i wanted him to use me. I'd become so excited by typing all of this I'd had to jerk off.

I checked back over the next few days to see if he had responded, i'd just about given up hope when i saw a message in my inbox. he explained that he didn't really "do" trannies and that in any case, I was too young. I mailed him back...this time almost begging him, and received a message almost immediately, asking me to mail him photo of me dressed. I did as instructed, and again almost immediately received a reply. It would be £175 pounds due to my requests. he gave me a contact number to call. I rang eagerly, i was giggly and nervous in the call, but we arranged a meeting for that Friday evening. I was to be there at 9.00pm he had other customers first, and didn't want me to be seen.

Friday arrived. I packed my chosen outfit and caught a bus into town, from there it was a 30 minute train jouney followed by a 10 minute walk. I'd empied my savings account, and had the money in my pocket.

I arrived at the door, he answered in just a towel. he eyed me up and down, a little suspiciously. "sorry he said" can't be too careful with new clients.

I entered and he poured me a wine. you're sure you want to do this" he asked "absolutey" I replied.

"and you want to do everything you described in your email?"
I blushed "yes" I said. I'd been very graphic in the mail....simply because I was so horny.

"and this is your first time?" he said

I nodded.

"get dressed!" he said

I stood and removed all of my clothing. I was smooth, I'd never needed to shave.

I opened my back and took out my outfit. I'd aggonised on what to wear, until settling on a white lingerie set that I had purchased a few months before.
I slipped on the bra and suspender belt, and slid the opaque white stockings up my legs, fixing them in position with the suspender clasps. They were lace topped hold ups, but i loved the look and feel of a suspender belt.
He watched me dress.....I was growing harder as i did so. i took my panties from my bag...."you won't need those sweetie" he said.
I left them off.....instead taking out my shoes, pink 6" heels. I could barely walk in them, but I figured I wasn't going to be walking anywhere.

"now then sweetie, it's £175, up front OK?"

I took the money from my trouser pocket. he greedily took it, counted it and took it to a drawer in the room. then he dropped his towel. took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.

"now honey" he said, you may have to work a little harder as I'm not really into trannies"

I nodded.

"get on your knees".....i did as i was told and he bought his flacid cock to my face "suck it" he said

Again, I did as I was told, taking him eagerly into my mouth, cupping his balls with one hand and holding his cock with my other.

"jerk me off too" he blurted....i started to wank him, with his cock still in my willing mouth.....i was hard!....and he was growing hard too.

i was in heaven, his cock grew stiffer by the second, and here i was on my knees gazing up adoringly at him. I sucked him for 10 minutes until he pulled his cock from me.

"stand up" he demanded "turn around. I teetered on my heels, staring at the full length mirror on the wall opposite, he repositioned himself slightly toward the edge of his bed, reached below his bed and took out a tube of lube, he lubed the shaft of his cock, then squeezed more from the tube and fingered it into my asshole. I tensed slightly. All the time watching in the mirror

he reached and took my hand, still with my back toward him, i took two steps backward, before, he placed a hand on my hip and lowered me toward him. Bending at my knees, unsteady in the heels, i felt his slimy lubed cock at my asshole.

"i'm gonna fuck you so hard you dirty little slut" he whispered....."is that OK?"

"yes please" I said, then blushed

i lowered myself further as he held his cock firm...guiding it into me....I gasped....the lube felt a little cold, but he slid into me until I was sitting perched in his lap, I still had my feet on the ground. taking one of my stocking clad thighs in each hand he guided my legs over his, so as I was sitting on him, my feet suspended above the floor. his cock slid deeper into me....I gasped as I felt his balls against me

I rode him like that....still watching the scene play out in the mirror, we could both see the exstasy etched on my face....i moaned with pleasure....this felt so right.

i felt something stir deep in me, right at the base of my cock....before i knew it my cock was pumping cum......he saw immediately in the mirror, and moved his hand to my cock.....grasping me tightly between his fingers my orgasm subsided, he bought his fingers to my face, covered in my cum.....I eagerly licked them clean

"good girl" he said...."now stand up"

I stood...i knew what was coming, he acted out my fantasy exactly as I had laid out in my email. he wiped the lube from his cock on a tissue, as I dropped to my knnes again, I waited a moment as he finished cleaning up

"thank you" I whispered as I took him back into my mouth....I was working on his cock now like a real I'd seen in so many filthy movies, whilst simultaneously jerking my cock

his hand grabbed the back of my head

"suck it slut....I'm cumming" he blurted out and with that he shot a huge load deep into my mouth...i didn't break off...i wanted this, i wanted his hot cum in my my belly!

spurt after spurt he sprayed....all into my eager slutty mouth, i swallowed him all.

he lay back, spent.

"are you still jerking?" he said

"yes" I replied

"I want you to cum over my cock!" he said

I stood from the floor, climbed onto him, straddling him....cock in hand

I jerked off as he watched.....the familiar sense grew in me. spurrting hot sprays over his stomach, and over his cock

"now lick me clean" he said.
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1 year ago
Awesome. thanks
1 year ago
hot story had me hard as a rock
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
wish it was me, great post
2 years ago
That story made m hard
2 years ago
nice story!!
2 years ago
sexy storie
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Yes that was so good i came with you
2 years ago
Sounds like fun