Summer in the city

This story goes back to the early 70ies when i was a young man at 16, out on the streets in Stockholm (Sweden) shopping for new clothes on my birthday.
I had found what i was looking for,and was waiting for the train to go back to my hometown, when i decided to take a walk along the water close to the cityhall not far from the central station.
I realized that i had to take a leak, and stopped by this weird looking portable toilet wagon on wheels, located on a mooring were old steam boats transported tourists out in the archipelago...just across the city hall.
I entered the wagon and saw a couple of men just standing there, waiting for i slipped in to one of the toilet booths. It was kind of dark and it took a while before i could adjuste and see this hole on the wall to the next booth, and when i turned around i could see that there where also a hole on the toilet door.
I sat down and looked out thrue the hole and watched the men of them started to unzipp his fly and pulled out a big fat semierected cock from his pants. Another guy bent down infront of the hole in my toilet door and started to suck the huge cock..I stared with faschination on this hot scene, had never seen anything like this before, and i could feel a stiffy starting to grow in my jeans.
I watched the guy giving head as he was staring back at me in the hole. And suddenly he stopped, and guided the huge cock thrue the hole infront of my face. I grabbed the big sloppy cock and started to rub it, and i just had to taste it..It was so exiting to sit there in a public toilet, sucking a strangers huge prick in the middle of the day...anyone could have walked in!
I could here the man outside starting to breed heavily and panting, and all of a sudden this huge load of cum came spurting out his cock...splasching into my face and dripping down on my jeans..Some one was entering the stairs outside, and the men quickly adjuste themselfs and disappeared.
I could here the toilet door next to my booth slammed and locked. So i bent down and saw thrue the hole a tall bluecollar man dressed in dirty working clothes, open his fly and pull out a big fat uncut cock and started pissing.
I watched him take a leak and thoght he was about to leave, but he stood there shaking and rubbing his for a long time..After a couple of minutes he had produced a massive thick boner just infront of the hole, and i pulled my finger out and let him know that i whanted it!
Instead of shoving his big prick into me, he sat down on the toilet and signaled with his finger that he whanted to taste my cock.
So i stood up and fumbled with my jeans, unbuttom them and pushed my throbbing cock thrue the gloryhole in to his wet warm mouth...such a sensation! this big warm wet experienced mouth sucked me dry in just a couple of minutes, i couldn't hold back and just filled his mouth with my cum..
I had to sit down to rest my shaky legs after that, and then he pusched his big salty cock thrue the hole in to me. I could see thrue the other hole in the toilet door, that a man watched me sucking on that monster next door..He kept staring as i tried to swallow and gobbled over the blucollar mans huge cock, so i reached for the door and unlocked it, and this handsome dude in a suit came in and bent down on his knees..sharing the cock nextdoor.
We shared that cock b*****rly, and licked and sucked on his balls together until he shot a massive load..then he started to kiss me, and i had never kissed a man before..It was sensationel to feel his wet long tongue deep down my throat, and i started to get a boner again.
I stood up and let him suck me for a while, when he suddenly turned me around and spread my ass and started to lick and kiss my ass...he had a trimmed bear and moustache and i had never experienced anything like that was heaven!
He licked and pushed his wet tongue in my hole,and then stood up and unzipped the fly in his suit pants and pulled out a long thin veiny cock and started to rub it to my hole. I could feel the pressure, and then it started to glide in nice and slowly..he redraw and spit on his cock and pusched it in again, and this time it whent all the way in to the base.
It hurted like hell the first seconds, but then when he slowly started to move this warm tingly sensation spread all over my body.
He fucked me for a long time in that booth..slowly first, and then harder and harder until he redraw and shot a load over my buttocks...he kissed me again and left, whispering that he had to get back to work.
I managed to wipe of the most of the cum from my clothes and body,and left the toilet wagon heading back to the central station.
I sat on the train and could feel the raunchy smell of cum and other liquids from my clothes...totally exhausted but very satysfied...i visit that toilet wagon almost every working day that summer..and had a blast!
98% (45/1)
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2 months ago
Great early effort. I enjoyed. Always my dream to have a strange hand invade my privates and bring on a huge throbbing boner. The thought always did - sadly never realised! Keep writing.
2 years ago
loved this story, thanks for sharing ;)
2 years ago
mate - that story was even hornier than your vids - great stuff
2 years ago
What a fantastic story - well written and as hot as hell!
3 years ago
Great story- sounds like it's true. Having visited Stockholm when I was 16 myself, I'm sorry I never found my way into that public WC- though I got myself in plenty of trouble otherwise. The public johns here in the US are not nearly as clean as they probably are in Sweden. Especially the ones with glory hole action. You DEFINITELY walk our smelling like piss and cum after hooking up in one of them. Thanks for sharing this hot tale!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Tesão de aventura. Tive que tocar uma só pra você! Gozei sentindo...!!!
3 years ago
mmmmm hot man
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome story, I can only hope to be so lucky one day :)
3 years ago
Awesome story, I can only hope to be so lucky one day :)
3 years ago
haha sounds pretty good :)
3 years ago
very hot uncut cocks, I imagine...