A Fantasy Fulfilled Part 4

The following morning and I wake up with morning wood that just wouldn't leave. I go to get up from the bed and hear Julie and Harry talking. "Are you able to sort that garden out today that grass is a jungle!" The stern voice fills the house and Harry mumbles to himself as he goes out the back. Next thing I know is footsteps up the stairs, Julie comes in the door. "So we have a bit of time to ourselves now darling" she winks and comes closer to me. We kiss, and kiss deep. "ohhh I say what have we got going on under here?" she rubs over my boxers and I get even harder "I have an idea" says Julie, she then takes my by the hand and leads me out of the room.

She leads me to her bedroom and opens the blinds. "I can see what he's doing, so don't worry" The garden was very large, and Harry being himself never really liked modern technology so the device he used didn't make time go any quicker for him when he did do the grass. I watch Julie as she moves to the other side of the room, her cleavage on show as always softly bouncing up and down, she bends down and her leggings are so see through I see her perfect ass. She then turns and stares at me "so" she begins "This is the draw in which I keep all extra special pieces of clothing shall we say, Harry's so bone idle and useless now I don't get to wear any of this anymore" She opens it out and there's stockings, bras, panties, thongs, corsets, tights. I feel the hard on get somehow even harder and then Julie takes my hand and makes me rub her breast. "So what shall I wear for you?" Julie then takes a step back and slowly peels away each layer of clothing till she's down to a plain white bra and knickers. I pull her body in to mine and we kiss again, my hands on her ass squeezing as my cock rubs against her.

Julie then pushes me back, she then puts on her robe and takes a handful of items, not showing me what she's chosen. She shuts the bathroom door behind her. I move to the window and see Harry is still struggling with the lawn, barely mowed any of it. I move back to the draw and see Julie's collection, she was a very sexual woman, how long had all this lust built for her? The bathroom door opens slowly. A stockinged leg slowly comes out, the body covered in a black silk gown, and Julie then leans on the door frame. "ohh darling the things you do to me!" she slowly makes her way to the bed and lays down seductively. "We can't do it in your bed surely?" I start to get nervous, bringing the adultery into her bed of marriage. "Don't be silly my boy, it makes it more fun" She leans towards and pulls my boxers down, she then takes my cock in her hand and starts stroking, I couldn't possibly say no.

Julie then begins to suck on my throbbing cock and moans as she does so, she wanted this even more than myself! I then lay her back. Her body so inviting. I undo the robe and see she hasn't ut anything on underneath, I stare in awe of her beauty and sexiness "I thought you may like that" she winks and I start sucking on her breasts. "Oh brad" Julie lets out a little moan, "shhh, harry may hear" She then pulls my head "don't you dare tell me what to do" the sterness turns me on more and we both grin at each other and kiss again. I rub her clit and suck on her nipples again, her perfect perfect nipples. As she moans again she pulls herself up, and then takes her tits and wraps them round my cock, she rubs them up and down and the feeling is incredible. She carries on and then stops. We hear footsteps. We both freeze and stay silent. A couple of moments later the footsteps return to outside and we both breath a sigh of relief. In that moment though, with our hearts racing, Julie flings herself on top of me and slide my cock inside her. We both moan as the feeling overwhelms us. Julies breasts bounce as I thrust myself inside of her, harder and harder we go, Julie leans over me as we fuck and kisses me. "ohhhh yes that's it" she cries. We both completely forget about Harry and fuck the living day lights out of each other.

As I flip Julie over I see Harry is not in the garden. "He's gone, he's not in the garden" Julie pulls me down and glares at me "don't you fucking dare stop, fuck me now" anxiously I resume thrusting myself inside her, worrying about where Harry may have gone I lose the full desire and Julie notices. "it'll be fine, please I'm begging you, make me cum" I kiss her, and our tongueswrap as I rub her breasts and fuck her harder, "I'm gonna cuM" hearing those words the rush fills my body again and we both moan as we cum all over each other. "I'm sorry I froze" I say, Julie then smiles and kisses me, I'm over come with desire again and pin her to the bed, my mouth then all over her breasts. "I never want this to ever stop" I say, Julie grins at me and comfortingly says "It never will"

Harry then shouts upstairs "Julie I'm just popping out, be half an hour" the door then shuts and the comfort of knowing we wouldn't be caught relaxes me. We lay naked side by side and continuing touching and kissing each other. "How have I been so lucky?" I say. Julie smiles "darling it's just sex, very hot sex though I have to say. We both head towards the shower and Julie stands under the warm water, the droplets dripping from those perfect breasts, staring at her body made me want her again. I join her and we kiss, "brad darling, please don't ever let this end, stay with clare so I can still have you" I kiss her and comfort her, she then takes my hard cock and slides it inside her, we fuck again until we both cum. We clean off and then go our separate ways, what on earth will happen next

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