a fantasy fulfilled part 3

*continues from part 2*

I sat in the kitchen and take it all in. If I'd known Clare's dad would have been home I would not have come anywhere near here, but seeing Julie glide around the house, her breasts bouncing up and down as she moved swiftly, I knew I was more than happy to be here.

Julie's husband Harry tucks himself away in the shed, fixing something that would no doubt just end up being thrown away. It left myself in the kitchen, with Julie. She begins to walk over to me and smiles. As I stand up she knocks my glass of water all over my lap "oh my I am so sorry Brad,let me sort that out for you" she grabs a towel from a drawer and begins mopping up the water from the floor. As I star down I can see right down her top, her cleavage so enticing, and the top of her bra pocking out. "I am sorry, must have gotten it more on you than the floor" she then brings out another towel and begins rubbing the front of my jeans. We both look at each other, knowing full damn well we wanted to be tearing our clothes and resume what we were up to only hours before. "Don't worry, he'll only think I'm helping you dry" Julie winks at me and squeezes the bulge under my jeans, I was getting hard for her. She continued to rub and before I know it I'm throbbing hard, staring into the eyes that look back with such lust and sexual prowess I forget where I am and I lean in and kiss her. We kiss for a few seconds but Julie pulls away "Calm down now" she whispers "Harry's only round the corner. She winks and then leans over in front me, pleasurable torture.

Julie walks away and I'm left in the kitchen, sodden from the drink and throbbing hard. I decide to go to the room and get changed. Knowing I couldn't touch was killing me, I wanted her so bad, the woman of my sexual dreams and desires. I go to go to the bathroom to rinse my face with cold water and try calm myself down. As I stare In the mirror I notice in the corner of my eye a pair of Julie's panties. I never understood what guys saw in this, but I picked them up and sniffed deep, smelling the sweet juices of her pussy didn't help with calming down, I wanted her more. I hurried to the room and shut the door behind me, panties in hand, I lay on the bed and sniff them once more before I wrap them round my throbbing hard on. I rub hard and fast as the smoothness of the silk panties made the feeling even more pleasurable.

Next thing I know my phone buzzes, it's Julie, "You found something of mine then I see ;) xx" She'd planted them for me to find. Another message comes through "I wanted you to know that rubbing you and kissing you had an effect ..." I reply for her to come to the room, begging. A couple of moments later I hear footsteps and a quiet knock. Julie squeezes her head in and sees me laying on the bed with her panties wrapped round my cock "Oh my darling" she comes closer to me then sits on the bed. She then takes my cock in her hand and starts stoking. We don't talk, we just stare into eachothers eyes knowing the buzz we are both getting. Julie then goes back to the door to see if Harry had moved, with the cost clear she comes over to me and we kiss, deeply, passionately. She lifts her top and buries my face in her breasts, her nipples were so hard, even through her bra. Julie then moves back and strokes my cock again. "You have no idea how bad I want this inside me right now brad" she says. She kisses and then takes my cock in her mouth, the rush overwhelms me, and I let out a slight gasp. We freeze, checking if Harry may have heard.

"it's too risky" I say. Julie then gets up and smiles at me "I'll work something out don't worry" She leaves and I'm alone again. The lust for this woman, my girlfriends mother, was becoming ridiculous, but I loved it. And with the thought of those breasts in my face I quickly finished off the job myself and cleaned up. It was going to be a long couple of days.

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