Furry RP

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: Hey again

mike hi

mike: so how we start?

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: shall I start?

mike: yes

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: You're wandering deep in the jungle, searching for some ancient ruins.

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: I'm resting underneath a massive tree in front of those ruins, my massive LL titties facing the sky while my long black hair covers my tiger-striped fur, which helps my heavenly naked body blend in a little with the tall grass around me. "Nyaaaaauuuhh..." I meow softly to myself I lie on the ground and gently play with my gigantic titties, my boobs filled with my divine milk, aching for release, unaware of your presence.

mike: i see your enormous tits your actrive body i forgot the whole world around me i only see u and you see me now too

mike: you cant look away and you too my ideas what i could do with you turn me on and i gat a little hard

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Rrrrmmmmmm...." I purr as I see you and slowly stand up, my gigantic tits bouncing in front of me, my nipples aching to be sucked on.

mike: i see your milky tits and i go to you and suck your right nipple and drink the milk which comes out

mike: the same i do with your left nipple and your milk tste delicious

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Nyaaaaaaahhh!!!" I meow loudly in pleasure as you suck on my breasts, releasing my divine milk down your throat as you drink it. I wrap my arms around your head and hold you against my tits as you stand there in front of me, purring, wanting you to keep drinking my milk.

mike: i drink your milk again and i enjoy every drop

mike: and with every drop my dick gets harde

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "RRrrrrrmmmmmmmmn..." I purr loudly as you keep gulping down my divine milk, unaware that it's starting to affect your body. As you keep sucking my tits, a tiger-stripe pattern slowly spreads over your body, and a large bulge forms at the back of your pants as you begin to grow a tail.

mike: i doesnt regonize it really and i suck more and more milk and start to finger your pussy

mike: my finger go inside you and with every second deeper then i put him out and start again

mike: then a second finger come to the first

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: I start panting as you begin to finger my divine pussy, my tail writhing in pleasure behind me. My body trembles as I feel your finger going deeper with every second, even as your skin is slowly covered in a coat of tiger-striped fur and your feet grow larger inside your shoes, your toenails warping into claws.

mike: i look at your face see the plesure in it and put my two fingers out and put three in your pussy

mike: i dont regonize my claws i am to busy with look at you fantastic body

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: I reach down and slowly tear open the crotch of your pants with my claws, letting your hard dick pop out as your legs suddenly start to bulk up with new muscles, tearing open the sides of your pants just as your feet burst out of your shoes, quickly turning into the hind-paws of a tiger.

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Uuuuuhhnn..." I moan softly in your ear as you push three fingers in my tight pussy, which makes my body shudder in pleasure even more.

mike: with the new power that i get i want to fuck you hard
and my fingers flush out of your pussy and my dick gently rub your pussy
then my dick slowly move in you
as im complete in you i get out of your pussy and start again

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "RRrrrrmmmuuuuhhhnnn..."​ I let out another moan as you rub the tip of your dick against my pussy and then let out a small gasp as you push it in as it grows thicker and longer.

mike: i get a little faster with every impulse and my right hand search your asshole and a finger get in your ass

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Mrrrroooowwwrrr!!" I meow loudly as you start fucking me, and wrap my arms tighter around your head as your chest starts to expand, ripping along the back of your shirt while at the same time your legs completely morph into the rear legs of a tiger, ripping the remainder of your pants to shreds.

mike: a second finger get in your ass and fuck you hader
in addition my penis get hader and fuck you also hader and faster

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Myuuuuuunnhhh...." I moan as I feel you fingering my ass, even as your hands start to transform into large paws. I arch my back, your fucking pushing me toward orgasm. I bury your face in my tits again, letting you suck down more of my delicious milk as you pound me with your thick hard cock.

mike: now i near to orgasm too and get a last time faster and hader
and then i cum deep in your pussy

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "MMMmmrrrooooooowwwwrrrr​!!!" I meow crazily, grabbing at your fur as your shirt rips apart and you fall on all fours while you ram your cock inside me, unable to stand upright any longer.

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "MMYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHH​H!!!" I squeal in pleasure as you start cumming inside me, digging my claws into your back as your hands completely change into large tiger paws as you pump your cum inside me.

mike: now i regonize my transformation and are happy to be a tiger so that i can fuck you so often as i can

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "MEEEUUUUUUUUUHHHH!!!" I scream as I start going into orgasm, cumming all over your tiger shaft as your face starts to become feline, growing whiskers as your mouth and nose merge into a tiger's snout.

mike: your orgasm turns me so on that i start again to move the finger in your ass and put a fourth one in
your ass also i start to fuck you again

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: I purr aggressively in your ears as they become feline, commanding you to suck my tits again, and then let out a pleased gasp as you push your claws into my ass. "HHaaaaahhh!!"

mike: i suck your tits again and drink the wonderful milk
then i stop and liuck around your nipple an then i suck harder toget more milk
now i spread my fingers in your ass

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Nyaaaaahahhh..." I meow in pleasure as you suck more and more on my nipples, causing more of my divine milk to spray out as your face continues to become more and more tiger-like.

mike: now my hand get out of your ass and my penis of your pussy
then i hammered my penis one time in your ass and my hand please your clit

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Mrrowwwr!!" I meow in shock, my eyes wide as you slam your tiger cock in my ass, which makes my gigantic titties bounce as you suck on my tits, your face almost completely feline. I gasp, and then start blushing through my fur as I feel your paw pleasing my clit.

mike: i kiss now your tits and then you also my penis get faster
in and out of your ass

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "MRRrroooowowowowowowowo​wwowowwrrr!!" I moan loudly while you fuck my asshole faster and faster as your head slowly transforms completely into a tiger's, your transformation nearly complete.

mike: I get turned on from your scream and i fuck faster and deeper
and my paw on your clit get slowly in your pussy

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Uuuuuhoohohohouhohohuhu​hhaaaaaa!!" I scream, squirming on your massive cock as you pound my asshole, while your paw slowly starts to push me toward orgasm as your human mind slowly begins to give in to the mind of the tiger.

mike: Now i only think to get faster and faster what i do
i only suck your tits to get stronger

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Hooooooohhhh!!!" I gasp and arch my back in pleasure, my body on the verge of orgasm as you suck on my tits and fuck my asshole like the wild b**st you've become.

mike: i get so fast as i can as i hear the scream and suck so hard as i can

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "ROOOOAAAAWWRRR!!!" I let out a loud roar and shudder wildly on your cock as your fucking sends me into orgasm again, which causes my tits to start spraying my milk even more.

mike: I star to moan to and let my penis get out and cum all over your tits and your pussy and your face
(did you cum now?)

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: "Nya!" I meow in surprise as you spray your load all over my body, looking up at you in disbelief as the last of your humanity fades as you cum.

Kiya LL cup Tiger Goddess: (ohh y-yes...)

The End

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3 years ago
where was this at because i want to do some fury rp myself but i never done it like what site
3 years ago
The guy sounds like he's completely ignoring the RP for most of it....take away the girl and it would just sound like cyber